Information Supporting Exercise For Arthritis Patients According To NJ Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis has been around for many years. Most older adults think of arthritis in their hands when they see their fingers crippling up. They may not realize that arthritis affects more than just the hands and fingers. Arthritis is one of the hidden conditions that happen when a person becomes old. It can also happen to women that have decreased in hormones and calcium in their bodies. Osteoarthritis causes great pain and is difficult to reverse without surgery. Leading experts such as Dr. Matthew CiRullo are conducting experiments and learning through new technology. The new technology that Osteo Relief Institute is speaking about is helping the individual learn how to work through their pain and reduce it with healthy living.

A very informative article is showing now in the Mooresville Tribune. It speaks about the condition of Osteoarthritis and how to recognize it. Osteoarthritis is painful because usually, the patient is suffering a severe decrease in the padding or cartilage between bones. This means when a person walks their bones in their legs are rubbing together ( The only way to reverse this condition is by adding more padding through surgery. Technology is helping individuals learn to live with the condition by stretching and exercising in the morning before rising. Routine practices such as this can help reduce pain. Changing your position every hour will help reduce swelling and stiffness in the joints. Movements should not be repetitive or overdone.


Healthy diet and exercise programs can reduce the pain from arthritis. The New Jersey Osteo Relief Institute helps train people by providing them with information such as over the counter medications they can take. NSAIDs help reduce the swelling and redness in the joints that cause pain. Physical Therapy is another way to reduce pain and help elderly individuals learn to walk again (Manta). Some people lay around so much that their joints become brittle and stiff. This decreases their ability to walk. Physical Therapy works to lubricate the joints again with walking and stretching. Swimming is a great exercise that has almost no stress on the body. Muscles help to pad the bones that are being used to walk. Osteo Relief Institute helps people learn about Arthritis and be able to have options other than surgery to reduce the pain they feel when they move. It is easy to get results with a visit to the Institute.