On Barbarians, Boxers, and Terminators Saying Goodbye

The Legend of Conan is a very interesting project. The sequel is being made nearly 35 years after the second film in the trilogy and star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be upwards of 70 years old when he returns to the role. Something else is afoot with this feature. It presents a new subgenre of sorts in motion pictures: the revisiting of a popular iconic character from a prior generation when he has greatly aged.

Sylvester Stallone Somewhat started this approach with films such as Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. These films brought back iconic characters and sold a great many tickets based on their nostalgia factor. Stallone and Schwarzenegger teamed up to make even more money from nostalgia-loving audiences with The Expendables films. (And they are making more Expendables films) Schwarzenegger is going it alone and revisiting two of his most iconic characters, The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian.

There are going to be three (hopefully) new Terminator films, but Schwarzenegger is only signed for the first and second ones. That is a bit of a concern for Flavio Maluf, as well as many on emobile.com. Legend of Conan is going to be his farewell to the character that made him an international star. In the Terminator films, Schwarzenegger is going to do the same with his second most popular character. Stallone is returning as Rocky, but only to launch a new boxing franchise titled Creed. And there will be one last Rambo film to close out the chapter of the troubled vet.

iZombie Recap

This Tuesday’s episode of “iZombie” tied up several story arcs and changed Liv’s life almost as much as the boat party.

At the end of last week’s episode, Liv discovered that Lowell was buying brains from Blaine. As this week’s episode progressed, she had difficulty accepting that Lowell really didn’t know the origin of Blaine’s brains — the missing street teens. Most zombies apparently don’t actively try to experience flashes like Liv.

Flavio Maluf says though, as Ravi pointed out to her: She has been extremely lucky. Unlike Lowell, Liv’s medical background has made it extremely easy for her to acquire food. In fact, she would have starved or killing if she had been reliant on Blaine’s service because he has been charging thousands per brain.

Just as Liv accepted Lowell back into her life, she realized she would have to kill Blaine. The morgue body of the week belonged to a sniper who was killed by his ex wife’s husband. Liv and Lowell plotted to kill Blaine with a long-distance brain shot, but Liv realized at the last second that she wasn’t a killer. Lowell, who had a sudden flash of street kid Jerome’s last moments, decided to do it instead, but Blaine was too quick and killed him.

Side stories: The Candyman tried to kill Major, but Major fought back. Ravi, who had been bitten by the zombie rat, learned that zombie-ism does not cross species.