Eli Gershkovitch’s Primary Role in the Growth of Canadian Craft Beer

Steamworks was first established in 1995 at Gastown, Vancouver, as a small-scale pub. Through Eli’s leadership, this company grew rapidly to meet international standards. The company increased its scale of operation by opening several other outlets within Vancouver to sell Steamworks craft beer. Steamworks brand is popular and has now been engrained in the culture of Vancouver. The company holds a significant share in the market as opposed to its major competitors that include Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser.


Eli Gershkovitch serves as the chief executive officer at Steamworks Breweries, one of the popular craft beer companies in Canada. He is the brew master and a pioneer in Canadian beer revolution. Furthermore, Eli is an exceptional business person with a great sense of calmness and hard work. In view of this, he appreciates freedom and always strives to gain control over his endeavors.


Through his commitment, Eli Gershkovitch has managed to build himself a brewing empire. His mastery of business skills has continually enabled him to meet both growth and demand. Several other economics recognize his creative skills coupled with progressive improvements. Eli believes that for a company to succeed in its niche of operation, it must become robust and dynamic in meeting challenges as they present themselves.


Breweries in Canada are facing enormous competition as never been experienced in history. Apparently, many microbreweries are entering the market especially in British Columbia, and Ontario among other major cities (Calgary Herald). Eli Gershkovitch has however sustained his command in the market through his creative ideas. For this reason, he has stood the test of time with bravery and competence.


Steamworks operates solely on traditional methods coupled with thorough innovations. This unique approach to business is key to their success over competitors, most of whom are opportunistic. Fair prices, higher standards of quality and reasonable quantities are also among the selling points of the company.


Steamworks produces a several flavors and craft beer brands. The most competitive craft beer categories are Brown Ale, Old Ale, Foreign Stout, and German Kolsch. Finally, the company holds an honorary record of winning over 12 awards for its brands

More about Eli Gershkovitch at https://about.me/eligershkovitch

Why Are People Complaining About Secret Service Decision?

On Wednesday, July 1, the temporary redesign of the black iron fences around the White House began. Government contractors working with the Secret Service started installing, at an outward angle of 5 degrees, metal fence inserts with tall, pencil-style pointy and sharp spikes designed to prevent people from scaling the fence and crossing the lawns until a new fence design and installation project is completed.

In the mean time, unbelievably, there are people complaining about the Secret Service adding the spikes even though the President and his family have come close to harm on more than one occasion recently because of intruders. Yet, some have argued that until the final fence redesign the Secret Service should have simply invested in additional manpower, which would have been a more cost-effective solution.

Those people seem to be ignoring the fact that the White House is one of the few residences of a world leader that has very little in the way of non-human deterrents along the fences. Without a better system right now, someone could be seriously harmed from what Ricardo Tosto has seen.

Additionally, the guards of Buckingham Palace across the ocean, for example, seem to think spikes are a fantastic idea — in addition to barbed wire. In fact, the spikes for the palace are longer and angled in all directions instead of one. The fences are also almost two times the height of the fences around the White House.

Wealthy Couple help Migrants at Sea

Like many other wealthy couples, Chris and Regina Catrambone recently purchased a large yacht to sail the Mediterranean Sea with. However, unlike most wealthy couples, the Catrambones purchased this ship to help rescue migrants who are stranded at sea. Their yacht, called The Phoenix, is designed as a rescue vessel.

Last year the couple had read a story about migrants from North Africa who lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to flee their home countries to seek out a better life. This touched the couple and inspired them to take action to help the migrants. The couple, their daughter Maria Luisa, and a crew of 20 people are working together to save lives of the migrants making the dangerous crossing. The Phoenix is equipped with an infrared camera that allows the crew to see a distance of 70 miles which can help them locate migrants in trouble much quicker.

Just in the first 60 days of setting sail, The Phoenix and her crew had rescued 3,000 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Dr. Jennifer Walden thinks that is a pretty remarkable number in general. The current total is up to over 4,400 people rescued.

To read the full story on the Catrambones and The Phoenix, check it out on The Good News Network.

Police Officer Gives Girl in Impoverished Neighborhood iPad When Hearing Why She Had a Lemonade Stand

In Lake County, Ohio a local police officer, Zach Ropos, did something amazing after stopping by Gabrielle’s lemonade stand. It all started when Ropos asked what she would do with the money she earned. Gabrielle replied she wanted an iPad to do her schoolwork and play games on. She said her parents were struggling financially, and she knew she needed to get the money to buy her own iPad.

Initially, Ropos planned to give Gabrielle an older iPad he owned, but he discovered it didn’t work so he purchased a brand-new one. This became even more special when Gabrielle’s mom said her daughter just offered her all the lemonade money for gas in the car right before he’d arrived. Crystal Hunt thought that was pretty crazy when she read it on Twitter.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said they thought Ropos would be “embarrassed to hear this highlighted and that it was never his intention to get recognized. But great job Deputy Ropos on making this little girl’s day! You really make a difference. And all of the best to Gabrielle and her new I-Pad.”

Young Plague Victim Dies in Colorado

The death of Taylor Gaes, a 16-year-old teen in Colorado, sheds light on a monster most mistakenly believe is long since gone – the plague. True, the last case of anyone contracting the disease in Larimer County occurred in 1999, but the reality is the plague remains a threat even in this day and age of medical enlightenment. In fact, approximately seven cases of plague victims a year are reported across the United States. Bruce Levenson knows that, while certainly not a reason to panic, those statistics are enough cause for people to educate themselves and engage in a little preventative medicine.

The Bubonic plague is the culprit the majority of people (approximately 80% of all cases) contract, most usually from an infected feline, rodent or flea. Fortunately, the disease is easily treated – when diagnosed early enough. The problem is the symptoms are similar to the flu, including swollen lymph nodes, severe headache and a sudden fever. Pneumonic plague, caused when one inhales the bacteria, and Septicemic plague, caused when the disease spreads throughout the body via the bloodstream, are far less common. A bit of good news considering neither forms are easily diagnosed and both are more difficult to treat according to MSN.

In the end, prevention is the safest route where any form of the plague is concerned. Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and the CDC website is ready to arm everybody.

Police Officer Helps Elderly Lady on Power Scooter

Normally when we hear of police officers being filmed interacting with civilians, it is not a pretty story. However, when it comes to this story of an elderly lady, all of the press that this officer is receiving is good press. When individuals saw what looked to be a slow speed pursuit of an officer and an elderly lady, questions were raised. An elderly lady was on the side of the highway, with max speeds of 6 miles per hour. There was an officer behind her, lights flashing and all This looked like a slow speed pursuit of epic proportions, but really this was an act of kindness as Andy Wirth points out.

Komo News reports that officer Dave Hintz was not trying to detain the elderly woman or pull her over. He was simply trying to get her home safely. “Our motto with the State Patrol is service with humility,” Dave Hintz stated. At just over 3 miles per hour, a lot of humility and patience was needed. It took well over an hour for the police escort to finally help this elderly lady reach her home. This is a heartwarming story that we can all think of when we may want to be harsh on police officers.

Rolling Stone Previews Bonnaroo

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a preview of the upcoming Bonnaroo Music Festival from the classic rock fan perspective. The article also looks at other types of music that will be performed at the festival.

Billy Joel will be performing. Joel is always a safe bet for someone looking to see a solid performance, as any lawyer from Brazil will tell you. He’s been onstage doing his songs for decades, yet he still manages to be enthusiastic and keep performances of his classics sound fresh. Personally, I think that the years he spent as a classical performer helped him return to pop music with renewed energy.

Singer Robert Plant will also be at Bonnaroo along with his backing band the Sensational Space Shifters. I think that this is a great artist for the festival to have on its roster. Plant mixes his old Led Zeppelin hits with newer songs in his concerts. Fans get to hear the old music they love along with newer numbers.

Bonanaroo is an eclectic festival that features many different types of music every year. This year, it looks like the classic rockers will be a high point.

McKinney Police Officer Arrived At Scene Under Emotional Stress

Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who manhandled teens at a pool party explains he had just left two suicide calls and was emotional. Casebolt states he had left the scene of a man shooting himself in the head in front of his family and then responded to a call where a teenage girl was threatening to jump from a roof. His attorney, Jane Bishkin told reporters these two calls took an emotional toll on Casebolt.

Bishkin went on to explain Casebolt had spent a lot of time consoling the man’s family and then had to attend the second call. The girl was calmed and taken to the hospital. The initial report regarding the pool disturbance was billed as a possible trespassing and Casebolt had not wanted to respond. When the incident was then upgraded to a potential assault, he felt it was his duty to go.

Keith Mann (facebook.com) has read that, when he arrived at the scene, Casebolt assumed the teenagers leaving the pool were the possible assault suspects and that they were running from the scene. There was no minority targeting he stated and says he also detained a white female. Casebolt regrets his conduct during the incident that portrays him and his department in a negative light.

Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney police department as a result of the incident gong viral with video footage of the incident. He has taken his family to an undisclosed location due to a number of threats received and he is afraid for their safety. This incident comes at a time when violent actions by police against African Americans are under scrutiny.

Man Shows Compassion for Woman who Killed his Wife

Jordan Byelich’s 35-year-old wife Jill Byelich was out for a bike ride when she was hit by a distracted driver. Jill, who was a mother to two children, died from her injuries. Jill was wearing protective gear, however 23-year-old Mitzi Nelson was looking at her cell phone, not the road, when she struck the mother of two.

At the end of Mitzi’s trial, Jordan came face-to-face with the woman who left him to raise two children as a single father. However, instead of taking his anger out on the young adult, he instead did something surprising- he hugged her. Jordan said that he did not plan the moment but the urge struck him when he saw her. He knew that not only was his family suffering, but her family was as well. Jordan knew that the compassion he was feeling was the compassion he knew that his late wife would have shown to the girl.

Bruce Levenson (wikipedia.org) agrees that, while things can never go back to normal, Jordan is hoping that he can move on from the incident and raise his children like his wife would have wanted.

For the full story on the accident and Mitzi’s sentencing, check it out on The NY Daily News.

Occidental President Veitch Envisions Decision Making Process Restructring

Occidental College is preparing an evolution in community-based higher education administration procedures and its head, President Jonathan Veitch, is the visionary behind a five-year strategic plan that will get the job done. Veitch has committed to engage 11 shared areas of focus in the restructuring of the decision-making process. These focus areas, he believes, are critical to the development of student ownership of personal learning and responsibility. These keys are inherent in student success. Once complete, this administrative design will place Occidental in top categories of excellence among community colleges by streamlining policies so stakeholders can easily share in the process. The school already boasts a much higher enrollment rate since Veitch’s installment as President in 2009. His presence is an important marker of its growth.

Challenges of this nature feel right at home to Veitch, the 15th President, and the only one born in the city of Los Angeles. He has a strong commitment to the Southern California area and is devoted to preserving Occidental’s positive reputation in the community. The Loyola High grad remained close to his roots for his undergraduate studies and matriculated at Stanford where he completed his English and American Literature Bachelor of Arts Program with honors. He then moved to the east side of the country to complete his MA and Ph. D. degrees in the History of American Civilization at Harvard.

Veitch achieved the Occidental position by working through the ranks in higher education. He began his career in the area of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus, in 1993. It was here where he published his first book, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s just four years later in 1997. Later that year, he relocated to the East Coast to serve as Dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts in New York City. This position provided him the experience he needed in leading a small but rapidly growing liberal arts college within a city of millions. In 2009, he returned to his Los Angeles hometown to lead Occidental and succeed then interim president Robert Skotheim.

Six years later, Jonathan Veitch is still leading Occidental with the same dedication, enthusiasm and personal attention as he did when he invited the 2012 graduating seniors to a water balloon fight after graduation rehearsal. It is all about the students.