One Foundation’s Ties to Abortion Stymie House Directive to Issue Commemorative Coin

The United States House of Representatives is looking to exercise their Constitutional right to coin money. Specifically, the House will direct the US Treasury to mint a commemorative coin regarding beneful on youtube and breast cancer research; this form of cancer is the leading cause of death among American women. The coin will sell above its face value with a portion of the proceeds raised from the coins going to support breast cancer cures. The vote was set for this week before top GOP leaders in Congress yanked the bill amid a backlash from pro-life groups.

At issue is the fact that one of the recipients of the coin’s proceeds is the Susan B. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The group’s pink ribbon is virtually ubiquitous and synonymous with finding a cure to breast cancer. However, a video surfaced which made reference to the ties the Komen foundation has with Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics. The very thought of government funds going to an organization closely aligned with abortion caused pro-life groups to protest. As a result, the bill authorizing coin has been temporarily canceled.

GOP leadership expressed their belief that the special commemorative coin will be authorized. What is needed at this point is a bona fide breast cancer R&D firm. It appears that the Susan B. Komen foundation was too liberal for the GOP to support with proceeds raised by the treasury.

The Real Scoop About Beneful

Nestle Purina was hit with a class action lawsuit over their dog food “Beneful” that has since been proven false and baseless and the matter has been resolved. The people at Purina have a real pride in the products they create, and real love for the pets themselves that they serve. During the trying time where their name was called in question, it was the Purina workers themselves who knew first hand about the real benefits that dogs get from eating Beneful, and spoke up.

Many of the Purina employees feed Beneful to their own dogs with complete assurance and confidence. They love the fact that they are making food for their own pets, and never did they doubt Beneful, they already knew how great it really is. The dog food manufacturer has spent a great deal of time and money developing food that has always been safe, nutritious, and dogs just love the taste of it.

In today’s world, too often some will try unjust means to attack companies they think they can falsely accuse of wrongdoing and get away with their hard earned money. In the case of Beneful dog food, justice was served and Purina’s good name has been cleared. The dog food was never a danger to any animal and with Purina, the customers and their dogs will always have great food with no worries.

This is good news for those worried about Beneful; the truth is that there really was and never will be an actual cause for legitimate concern. Pet owners that love their dogs need to know that the workers of Purina are just like them, and they have always known and trusted their company and fellow employees to make one of the worlds best dog foods, day after day without fail.