NGP VAN Hears the Rally Cry

NGP VAN is a database used by Democrats for fundraising, compliance, and organizing. NGP VAN was formed in 2010 by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman. They’ve been utilized by some of the biggest names in government. The database benefited the Obama 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, and the presidential campaigns of Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016. They were named the number one voter management tool by the Democratic National Committee. NGP VAN provides the same technology to smaller municipal candidates, so they have the most accurate and up to date election information. Candidates or organizers can use this info to organize rallies to gain support. NGP VAN recently posted a blog on how to organize a great rally for your campaign.

NGP VAN listed several tips on how to best organize an effective and motivating rally. They suggested that you decide what your goal is, and commit your time and energy to the rally promoting it. They’re a great way to sway undecided voters, but the timing is essential. Rallies are a great way to kick off an election season, but most of the time they’re hosted within the last two weeks of a campaign.

Make sure to plan your rally in detail. Find the location and gain support by advertising. How will your sound system operate? What will you put on display? Who will be speaking? NGP VAN suggests leaving nothing to chance.

Advertising is vital. Hang and hand out flyers around town. Use social media to get the word out. Creating an event on Facebook is a great way to stay up to date on the details of your rally and reach more people. NGP VAN offers tools for social media like Facebook Events Integration, Social Share Tracking, and Advanced Social Matching. These will lessen the some of the hassle involved in the planning process.

NGP VAN stresses the importance of informing the media with a press release. Newspapers, television stations, radio stations, blogs, and college newspapers should all be aware of your rally. They suggest getting creative by asking your local radio station to announce the rally on air.

During the rally, it’s important to recruit as many activists as possible. Gather emails, and make sure to have people who can canvass the area for volunteers. NGP VAN says rallies are a great way to boost support. People are pumped and ready to take action, so they will be more likely to volunteer for the cause.

Planning a rally can be a stressful process. NGP VAN makes it easier with this advice. They say planning a rally creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm turns into action. The action turns into results.