Shimmer in a Luminous Pearl EOS Lip Balm or Go Organic With Natural Wildberry

If you’re selective and only want the best beauty products in your designer cosmetic bag, then you probably already have EOS lip Balms. And, the good news is, they’re adding exciting changes in flavors and shades that invites you to add to your collection.


What Are the Benefits of Owning an Assorted Array of EOS Lip Balms?

The drying sun of arid, sultry summer and winter winds demand soothing lip moisturizers. Indulge yourself daily with compounds that reward your skin with natural oils, beeswax and Shea butters. Bring glamour back with an EOS lip gloss that is 100 percent natural or an organic formula packed with fruit extracts to glamorize the lips, click to read.

Teens love the light scents of hibiscus peach and vanilla orchids in creative, artistic bubble spheres painted in pastels. Accordingly, since there is one for every age and profession, how about a UVA/UVB natural, teasing scent for the beach crowd?


Who Is a Good Candidate for a Medicated Lip Balm?

If you are the energetic gal that loves outdoor sports, the medicated tangerine orb is the one for you. It bathes your lips in a long-lasting, softening emollient, and glides on like a luxurious natural conditioner. Indulge yourself with a special compound that contains a blend of five natural oils or beeswax. No more winter blues for you. Keep a couple of the perfectly-rotund globes on your desk for a quick once-over.

Healthy, super-foods are on everyone’s shopping list today to help ensure wellness; accordingly, now it’s time to pamper and heal your skin, too. Natural EOS lip balms contain antioxidants and rich vitamin C to nourish your external skin beauty. Treat yourself to luxury.

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