OSI Group is on a Journey of Global Expansion

If you are a business professional and have been thinking about taking your enterprise to the next level, then global expansion should be what you are looking at. If executed strategically, globalization brings your company multiple benefits including a new revenue potential and increase your potential to serve more clients. To understand the benefits of this business strategy better, let us highlight good examples through OSI Group, a leading company in the manufacture of meat-based food products.

Background Look

OSI Group was once a local boutique firm based in Chicago. Initially, it was known as Otto and Sons. Otto was the owner, and he did a great job at growing the company and making sure that it could serve more 1,000 locals annually. With more demand for meat from the community, the company decided to expand its presence. In the process, there was the need to hire a finance manager who happened to be one Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Group Expands its Portfolio

At that moment, Lavin owned a financial services consulting firm where he provided competent advice in business. Faced with the challenge to oversee the finance department at OSI Group, Lavin learned the ropes of the business. Shortly into the market, Otto and Sons decided to change the name and sell most of the company shares. OSI Group was born while Sheldon Lavin assumed one leadership role that he currently uses to promote the company’s global expansion.

Over the years, OSI Group has expanded its presence across different parts of the world including Aurora, Illinois.

The acquisition of the Spain Toledo facility by OSI Group is its latest expansion. Like any other acquisition in many of America’s business sectors, this £17 million investment has doubled the firm’s production capacity in chicken products.

Benefits of Acquisition

Moreover, OSI Toledo has now exceeded the total production of 45,000 tons in quality beef, pork in addition to chicken products. Furthermore, the entire project and its related services have provided additional employment opportunities including that of a product development manager.

Baho Food

The acquisition of a new facility in Toledo is not the only expansion project that OSI Group has been part of. In the beautiful summer of 2016, the company acquired Baho Food, an industrious manufacturing facility for snacks, meat delis, and other convenience foods. In the perspective of OSI Group’s leaders, this new acquisition was propelled by the rising demand of the meat-based product in the industry.


From the look of OSI Group’s major acquisition projects, it is evident that global expansion fosters the international penetration of a brand into foreign markets to protect the company against unforeseen events.

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Mission accomplished by Sheldon Lavin

As a degree holder in accounting and finance, Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial consultant before venturing into OSI group of companies as the chief executive officer. OSI food processing and supply industry can never forget the classy services by Sheldon Lavin in their prowess. Bacon, hot dogs, and dough products were some of the many meat products that OSI group made. Skills in business and management of funds contributed to the productivity of Sheldon Lavin as a manager.

Some of the remarkable and memorable episodes that steered the expansion of OSI Food Company was the need to satisfy the demand Donald’s which was overwhelming. As a result, Sheldon Lavin strived hard to meet the demand and the result was making OSI group a multinational corporation whose headquarter was based in Chicago. Markets wise, there was an expansion, since the supplies were then made to North America, South America, and some parts of Europe. Amick farms provided diverse types of meat and frozen chicken for the company.

More job opportunities were created, the hiring of manpower and skilled personnel led to the employment of many across the countries where the OSI subsidiaries operated. Improvement of living standards and psychological health of many was accomplished. Actually, this was as a result of stance development by Sheldon Lavin. Liquidity of cash was felt by stakeholders of food and meat processing fraternity. Reduction of employees who were to be replaced by others improved efficiency and quality production by the brand due to specialization.

Globe of honour 2016 award is one of the awards that OSI food solutions clinched due to job creation on a global platform. Sheldon got an award for his philanthropic deeds in Sheba foundation for being the president and director, a general trustee of Rush university medical centre. Sheldon Lavin was a trustee for Ronald McDonald’s hose charities.

Consistency in food production industries perfected the skills of Sheldon Lavin to master the food supply trends on a global vision. Dealing with large volumes of money was also another key factor that led to efficiency in the management of OSI international food solutions.Bearing in mind the food company emanated from a German Otto &sons company to global enterprise that brought an impact to many was a dream come true to Mr Sheldon Lavin.Saveourwings.org

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Why OSI Food Solutions Needs More Chicken

OSI Group came into the food production department so many years ago. When the company was starting, consumers thought that it was going to be an ordinary meat store like any other. The founder of the company had great dreams for his company, and he had to show the people around him that he was going to perform well. Many years later, the company is a leader in food production. Apart from being able to deliver high quality products to consumers who are in the United States, OSI Group has managed to open branches in the international society, and this is why the company is considered to be leading in the international platform.

The OSI Group believes that for a company that has ventured into the international platform to be successful, it must ensure that all the branches in the globe localize all their operations. The company knows that people in different parts of the world have diverse cultures and tastes, and this means that their preferences are completely different. When making products for customers, the OSI Group officials make sure that they understand the tastes of the customers in question so that they keep on growing. The business strategies used in OSI Group have played a leading role in the success of the large company. The institution brags because of the success it enjoys in many parts of the country.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain has all the reasons to celebrate. When the new branch came into the market several years ago, no one knew that it was going to impact so many lives. The organization has been famed for being the best when it comes to the provision of chicken products to the consumers living in Spain. The company has been getting large numbers of chicken consumers every day, and this has forced the company to take the right action so that the company does not have to deal with losses.

In order to keep with the stiff competition taking place in Spain, the company has announced that it has doubled its chicken production so that customers can get the amount of food products they need. The OSI Group will be increasing its production by double in the new year so that consumers will never get a chance to make any complains. The OSI Food Solutions management has announced to the consumers that it will be increasing the number of people serving in the food plant so that the large production is successful.

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