George Soros, Philanthropist and Much, Much More

According to Forbes, George Soros is the number 10 highest earning hedge fund manager in the world. He is the 19th richest man in the world. He has stated recently that he will invest and support refugees arriving in Europe with five hundred million dollars’ worth of investments in new companies that are started by refugees. George Soros is a man who puts his money where his heart is, and his heart has always been with the downtrodden and forgotten people in the world.

He had donated three million dollars to a political action committee that wanted to help Hispanic voters to mobilize and get out the vote. Because of his upbringing, Mr. Soros has a reason for helping the poor, the destitute, and the refugees of bad times and political management.

He was a refugee, himself. He left Budapest in war-torn, Nazi-occupied Hungary when he was but a child. His father colluded with others to hide the fact that they were Jewish, and they made their way into hiding until the Nazis were no more. He left Hungary in 1947 and went to the United Kingdom, where he went to school and studied economics. Shortly after graduation from college, Mr. Soros was on his way to becoming an investor to be reckoned with. Read more on Snopes about George Soros

According to Discover the Networks, George Soros is one of the most politically powerful individuals in the world. It is said that George Soros has toppled governments and is now the most politically influential man in the United States.

The Discover the Networks article says that George Soros considers himself a savior, as it were, of the poor and the unguided. Read more about George’s life story at

Indeed, Mr. Soros has given to more charities, and donated more to charities, than any person in the world, living or dead. He had given to groups to help topple the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, and has with those countries trying to come to terms with their new ideals of democracy and liberty after the collapse of the Soviet Union. George Soros, like we said, and as was stated in Forbes, does not mess around with saying something: he actually does something about it.

He has started charities, and then donated tens of millions of dollars to the charities. Yes, George Soros may be disliked by some, and feared by others. But, Mr. Soros has their undying respect and admiration for being a true leader and a man of his times.


Spirituality Can Lead to Peace in Businesses

When a business allows spirituality to be a part of its practices that business can run in a way that is peaceful. Those that possess spirituality allow it to change who they are and the way that they act, and they tend to act in way that is more peaceful. Those that value spirituality allow it to change who they are in the workplace. When a business is filled with spirituality that business can experience true peace no matter what happens and no matter what the business faces. Those businesses that choose to be spiritual can find a peace that other businesses cannot find.

When someone possesses spirituality that individual needs to feel that they have the freedom to bring their spirituality with them into the workplace. When someone brings their spiritual side to work with them they will find that it helps them to find peace as they go about their day. There are many stressful moments that can take place in a business in the average day, and those who rely on spirituality will find that they have peace in the midst of the stress. Those who possess a spiritual side and hold onto that when things get messy will find that they can have peace no matter what comes about.

The business that is drenched in spirituality will succeed because of the peace that is found by those working there. The business that allows spirituality to be a part of every day will find that the spirituality that it lets in can help to bring about peace and make the business a better place to work. Every business wants to do what it can to succeed, and having a business that is filled with spirituality and the peace that it brings is one thing that can help to bring about success.

Joseph Bismark is someone who is an example of just how spirituality can help to bring about peace in a business. He is a business leader who is very focused on the spiritual. He can see the power that the spiritual has to offer to the business world, and he understands the kind of peace that spirituality can bring about. He lived a portion of his life as a monk, and he learned the power of spirituality and the peace that it brings while he did that.

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About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur, has been said to have found a balance between creative collaborations that maximizing productivity. With over 35 years of experience in various industries, Marc has launched Timber Creek Capital, LP, a venture through which he hopes to give start-ups a resource to minimize struggle, while optimizing productivity and new ideas. He continues to serve as a mentor for different companies while offering them valuable resources to survive in today’s volatile and nuanced market.

Outside of his entrepreneurial interests he enjoys working with charities. His philanthropic works include projects with Habitat for Humanity providing housing for low income and disadvantaged families. Through his non-profit, Sparkey’s Kids, he has donated one thousand laptop computers to at-risk children with American Can! Academy. For over 20 years, Sparks has been involved in the Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless located in Texas. On his website, he enjoys doling out some very practical business savvy advice on day to day business protocol, mixed with a little personal humor of course.

Spark’s private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP gives start-ups the opportunity to create and monetize their revenue-generating products through customized planning and resource allocations. Located in Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital puts forth the investment needed for these projects. This is a lengthy list which includes office space, accounting, graphic arts, equipment, merchant banking, legal, web development, intellectual capital, banking, networking, support staff and other resources needed to successfully navigate today’s business climate.

“My passion is to help entrepreneurs build their dream and companies to critical mass through my experience. Faith, passion, tenacity, focus, savvy of monetization, and an outrageous sense of urgency or as my team calls it ‘spark speed’ are qualities that have helped me succeed and that I like to mentor,” Sparks said. “I have seen every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is so qualified to help take on entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into prosperous business models.”

He outlines these past experiences in a recently released book called They Can’t Eat You. Marc speaks about his journeys in entrepreneurship and its many crests and troughs. The reality outlined seems to indicate Sparks has seen enough to know that these indicate one part of the whole process.

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