Lone Sailor Statue partly funded from 75th Anniversary Coin Collection

In recent months Kusi.com reported that the US Money Reserve rolled out a set of Gold and Silver coins in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack which took place on December 7th 1941. On that day in history the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the United States Naval Base in a surprise attack that left 2403 Americans killed and 1178 others wounded. This attack was soon followed with a nuclear strike by the Americans on Hiroshima in Japan.

The sale of these Gold and Silver coins by the US Money Reserve saw them donate a part of the proceedings to the US Navy Memorial Foundation in order for them to erect the statue of the Lone Sailor at Pearl Harbor. This is a very iconic image of the US Navy and is meant to inspire the youth as well as honor those who give their lives at sea for the freedom of the country. America has had great naval strength throughout history and this statue is meant to embody devotion to duty, respect and honor.

The Lone Sailor Statue was originally created and sculpted by Stanley Bleifeld who has been in service of the Navy Memorial for decades. He sculpted the statue to represent 2 very important people of Navel history. These two men are Rear Admiral Thompson and Petty Officer First Class Dan Maloney. Their face and body are embodied within the sculpture. The sculpture will be made of bronze as well as steel coming to a combined weight of 1700 pounds. The steel used for the base of the statues was steel taken from the battle ship USS Arizona. If you would like to find out more information please find the original article on Yahoo Finance.