The Philanthropy and Generosity of Perry Mandera

Custom Co Inc. is one of the leaders of the transportation industry in the United States. The company works with thousands of clients to provide transport and logistical tasks. The company comes from the mind of Perry Mandera, its founder.

Perry Mandera has established a sub-section of the company: a charity. Custom Company Charity works with dozens of other charities for a wide variety of causes.

Custom Company works with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Boy Scouts of America, Toys for Tots, Prostate Cancer Research and many, many others.


About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera grew up and went to high school in the Chicago area. When he graduated in 1975 he left his home town to spent some time in the US Marine Corps. It was in The Marines where Mandera learned about the transportation industry: Mandera drove a truck for the military. He was in charge of transporting a variety of objects from location to location.

When Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marines he worked for a variety of different transportation companies. It wasn’t long before he became his own boss when he founded Custom Co Inc,. His creation now works with other organizations all over the country, providing them with a means to an end when it comes to transport and logistics.

As well as his company’s charity section, Perry Mandera personally contributes to charitable causes. Mandera is a former coach of a number of children’s athletics programs and teams. Mandera has been involved in the sport of boxing, as well. Two of the boxers he has coached or sponsored have went on to become Olympic level athletes.

One of Mandera’s favorite charitable causes is the Jesse White Tumblers, a charity that was created in the 1950s to provide productive activities for children in need. These activities keep the children of Chicago off the street and give them something other to do than drugs and alcohol.

When Mandera isn’t working or donating his time to charity, he enjoys spending time with his family and church.