Top Surgeon Listed For Texas Is Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the Texas area. She just returned to Texas from her work in New York. After receiving her fellowship and completing it, she made the decision to return home with her twins. She liked the idea of raising her twins where she was raised. Going to some of the same schools and playing in some of the same sports arenas as she did appealed to her. Her family is very happy as well. Everyone is glad Jennifer is back in Texas. She offers so much to the community. The Harper’s bazaar has information on many of the top surgeons in the United States. Jennifer is listed as the top surgeon in Texas. Check out the information along with the list of surgeons to set up your next appointment.

A leader in the community, Jennifer Walden works very hard to do her best at informing others about skin issues and wrinkles. Jennifer is a leading consultant for Botox. She uses Botox as one of her treatments in her own office. Botox is a good way for people to decrease the wrinkles without going under the knife of surgery. Botox is done by inserting tiny needles with a liquid that fills in the lines of a man or woman’s face or other areas of the body. Botox injections can cause some bruising at the site but the bruising will go away after a couple days. Jennifer Walden is also very good at performing plastic or cosmetic surgeries. She has a wonderful success record.

Speaking engagements are part of Jennifer Walden and other top surgeons agendas. When a doctor is good at something, people tend to want to know more about it. Jennifer likes to inform others of ways to avoid wrinkles. She talks about sun screens, wearing the proper clothing, and eating right. Drinking a lot of fluid is very important to maintaining good skin. Dehydration causes the skin to wrinkle easier. Remember to drink plenty of fluid in the summer but all year long. Water is the best thing to put elasticity into your skin and provide you with younger looking skin.