McKinney Police Officer Arrived At Scene Under Emotional Stress

Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who manhandled teens at a pool party explains he had just left two suicide calls and was emotional. Casebolt states he had left the scene of a man shooting himself in the head in front of his family and then responded to a call where a teenage girl was threatening to jump from a roof. His attorney, Jane Bishkin told reporters these two calls took an emotional toll on Casebolt.

Bishkin went on to explain Casebolt had spent a lot of time consoling the man’s family and then had to attend the second call. The girl was calmed and taken to the hospital. The initial report regarding the pool disturbance was billed as a possible trespassing and Casebolt had not wanted to respond. When the incident was then upgraded to a potential assault, he felt it was his duty to go.

Keith Mann ( has read that, when he arrived at the scene, Casebolt assumed the teenagers leaving the pool were the possible assault suspects and that they were running from the scene. There was no minority targeting he stated and says he also detained a white female. Casebolt regrets his conduct during the incident that portrays him and his department in a negative light.

Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney police department as a result of the incident gong viral with video footage of the incident. He has taken his family to an undisclosed location due to a number of threats received and he is afraid for their safety. This incident comes at a time when violent actions by police against African Americans are under scrutiny.