George Soros Continues To Help The Disadvantaged Even While The Political Right Mischaracterizes His $18 Billion Donation

George Soros is being targeted by right-wing conspiracy theorists who have blamed him for everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protest. While this is nothing new for Mr. Soros to deal with, the strange part of it all is that these people are not focusing on his politician giving but, instead, have chosen to target philanthropy. A lot of the paranoia and accusations against Soros began when he got rich by shorting the British pound back in 1992. Since then, he has been imagined to be an evil puppet master who is pulling the strings for every event or happening that the political right disagrees with.

When George Soros donated a record breaking $18 billion to his charitable organization, the Open Society Foundations, his accusers acted like the sky was falling. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the current climate of politics. The truth is there is a strong divide happening right now in the world and especially in the United States, and this has caused many people to look for someone to blame. While the political left also has its own set of people that are the focus of much scrutiny and conspiracy theories, many of their accusations tend to be tied into real world happenings rather than a loose set of conspiracy ideas that are hard to prove.

The problem with targeting specific people as the root of all evil or the root of all problems in the world is that it usually just isn’t so. The second problem is that this is a tactic that has been used by authoritarian regimes and governments since time immemorial, and a lot of the time these conspiracy theories are pointed at grassroots movements that help many people. Since a lot of George Soros’s money goes to progressive causes, something he has been completely open about, many on the more conservative side of the fence don’t agree. Soros has made it his mission to help the downtrodden, misrepresented, minorities, and other groups of people who do not have the means nor the power to help themselves. This is where things get confusing, because helping these groups of people is what the American way is all about, but, somehow, in the process of giving vast amounts of his fortune to the disadvantaged, it has been misconstrued as part of an effort to undermine the world.

In reality, George Soros knows that the philanthropist has always been someone who is targeted by people who misunderstand their mission. While the word philanthropist used to be associated with a person who promoted democratic and universal ideas and values, it has now come to describe wealthy donors who invest their money in helping people on large scale. The United States has been the home of many of these philanthropists, and while some people welcome them with open arms, some don’t. The unfortunate truth is that if George Soros was donating to causes near and dear to the political right, he would be a hero rather than the target of all of their worst fears.

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The Philanthropy Activities Of George Soros

George Soros is known to be one of the top philanthropists in the world. During his lifetime, George has given over $32 billion worth of his fortune to finance a number of causes. He funds his causes through the Open Society Foundations that he participates with. With this foundation, he is able to make a positive impact on many communities in multiple countries worldwide. Along with begin a known philanthropist, George gives back to his community by being the top funder of Central European University located in Budapest, Hungary.

As the leader of the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has been able to support a number of individuals and organizations that are always looking to make the world a better place. The foundations that he has founded emphasize the encouragement of freedom of expression, accountability in government, and any society that is looking to establish both justice and equality. As well as promoting these things, the foundations have also been known to provide funding for students who are looking to attend universities. The funding has been used to help students who are excluded from educational opportunities due to their identities and their place of residence.

One of the main objectives of Soros’ philanthropy is to accommodate people who face discrimination based on their identity. During his lifetime, he has supported many people that were often excluded by society. These individuals include drug users, sex workers and members of the homosexual population. With his efforts, he has been able to give these individuals a second chance and allow them to pursue the same dreams that others have.

Another one of the main motivations behind George Soros’ participation in philanthropy is his first hand experience of discrimination and intolerance. He originated in Hungary in 1930 and was forced to live through the Nazi occupation during the mid 1940’s. During the occupation, thousands of people were murdered. In order for him and his family to avoid being murdered themselves, they put together falsified identity documents and concealed the truth of their backgrounds. Soros’ family also helped a number of people avoid execution by doing the same things he and his family did.

In 1947, Soros left Hungary and moved to London in order to study at the London School of Economics. He worked as a waiter and a railway porter to support himself during his college years. In 1956, Soros moved to the United States to pursue a career in finance. When working in this field, he would begin amassing his large fortune. By 1970, he would set up his own hedge fund and would become one of the most successful financial professionals in the entire world over the next three decades.

Today, Soros continues to pursue causes pertaining to the Open Society Foundations. As well as making contributions to these causes, he is also active in politics. On a regular basis, he provides support and funds to Democratic political candidates. He often provides advice and money to political candidates who are running for the senate and the president of the United States. With his support, he has been able to help many candidates representing the Democrat party successfully be elected to office.

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