Perry Mandera Gives Back Through Business

Businessman Perry Mandera is the founder and leader of The Custom Companies. The company had had its headquarters set up in Illinois since its inception back in 1986. The corporation has established a reputation for personalized services and a hands-on approach to transportation needs. The business prides itself on taking individual care of each client and adhering to standards in order to provide maximum efficiency and quality of service.

Perry Mandera believes that the needs of the clients should be treated equally with great care. At the same time, those needs vary greatly in nature and so the corporation of the Custom Companies Inc provides clients with a full range of services. The business contributes in other ways as well. The Custom Companies. is a member of the SmartWay Program which was started up by the Environmental Protection Agency (

The SmartWay Program has the goal to reduce carbon emission let off in the air by freight transport. It is a voluntary program that is hugely beneficial to both the participants and the community as it provides freight companies with the means to reduce their carbon emission significantly. The Environmental Protection Agency provides those solutions to the participating companies without charging them for it. The SmartWay Program is available for companies working in freight transport only. There are several logistics businesses that track the progress and also take note of how much fuel the freight companies use and how much gas they emit.


Perry  Mandera’s Community Contribution

Perry Mandera aims to serve people through philanthropy as well. he has donated to a number of charities through The Custom Companies, Inc. One of the most recent contributions was made to the Jess White Tumblers. The charity was started up in 1959 to keep kids in the inner-city occupied with hobbies and learning to keep them away from the influences of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. The program is for kids between the ages of 6 and 16.

Perry Mandera believes that business should be about giving back to people. He strives towards a more conscientious way of doing things and providing his services to his clients, local communities, and charities.