Social Media Woes Can Impact a Business

Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, made a lot of great decisions on the path to establishing his company. Then, he made an error when one day when positing on social media. On the same day several employees were laid off, Holmes posted an Instagram photo of a drink in hand with the message “Cheers to my homies.” The recently fired employees went on a tirade and posted scores of angry comments on the comments section.

The original message may have been deleted, but reports about it are likely on the internet. Those reports are going to end up being indexed by the search engines and, in turn, haunt Holmes and Hootsuite for some time.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, warns executives to be very careful when posting on social media. Executives end up pulling their own companies into controversies that were totally avoidable. Status Labs of Austin, TX serves a host of different clients who find their reputation serious harmed and their company’s name tarnished. Many times, social media postings are the root of such damage.

It is pretty easy to post something on social media. A little typing and a single click can send out text and images within seconds. Controversy frequently ensues.

Before putting anything on a social media platform, executives really have to think twice, even thrice. Asking other managers or employees whether or not the item in question is a good idea to post would be a smart move. “Official” promotional posts that are planned are easy to get opinions on. Those who publish things on their own at a whim or without really thinking about the content are asking for trouble.

Improper content on a social media can create a firestorm within a very short period of time. Steps should be taken to avoid such disasters. If they cannot be avoided, then working with a reputation management firm may be the only way to deal with the situation. And yes, the situation can get out of control as some have learned the hard way.