Gourmet Dog Food Might Be Closer than You Think

Wikipedia recently ran a story about one of the more surprising trends in gourmet culture. It began in an unsurprising way. A reporter was given a tour of a small gourmet food company by two of the executives who run it. Unsurprisingly, one of them took a quick bite of their turkey. After savoring the flavor he exclaimed that it tasted just like Thanksgiving. This would be a normal scene in most circumstances. But what set this apart from the ordinary is the nature of who the company’s meals are targeting. The reporter was being given a tour of a dog food company. This might be surprising to many people. But the reality is that more and more dog food manufacturers are using ingredients that are at a comparable, or even superior, quality as food in most people’s pantries. There’s quite a few reasons behind this trend. But one of the biggest is the fact that people are becoming much more conscious of how tightly health is tied to food choices. A family who is careful to eat only high quality organic food will naturally begin to wonder if they should be providing the same for their dogs. But what a lot of people don’t know is that they might already be feeding this type of gourmet dog food to their pets. While the trend is only now catching the public eye, many dog food companies have been at it for a while. One of the most successful is the high quality dog food brand Purina Store’s Beneful. The brand was using all natural organic ingredients right from the very start. The brand is marked by a desire to create high quality meals for dogs rather than simple foods. The difference can be thought of by imagining what people want for their own meals. Beneful knew that almost nobody would want a single food item on their plate. People like the experience of tasting several delicious flavors within a single meal. And they want all of the ingredients to be of the highest quality. Beneful realized that dogs would enjoy the same thing and set out to create complex recipes which combined fresh ingredients in perfect combination with each other. And the result is a high quality dog food brand which can bring gourmet dog food into everyone’s home.