Beneful: Keeping up with the Competition

People view their pets as family. Because of this, there has been a greater movement to feed pets human grade food. Premium dog food has been a rising trend for years, and has now moved onto real meat and vegetables that is available for human consumption as well. Dog food companies are able to win the hearts of pet owners by appealing to their need to spoil their pets. This, in turn, also generates a lot of money on Amazon. While companies have been adding real ingredients such as lamb, rice, and salmon into their food as well as offering buzz words on their dog food such as organic and grain-free for years, traditional companies are starting to do the same. Dog food companies, such as Beneful, are joining the movement towards fresh food for pets as well. Beneful offers several products for dogs that are delicious and full of nutrients. Their blends of both wet and dry dog food keep dogs happy and also let dog owners feel good about what they are feeding their pet. The wide variety of options available lets pet owners choose a flavor that they would like. Beneful offers a wet food that looks and smells like beef stew, for example, so owners can offer their pets a hearty and healthy meal. Their dry food and dog treats are equally as delicious and nutritious for pets. They also offer specific foods for different types of dogs. Whether a pet is on a diet or in their senior years, there is a Beneful food to suit. Because high quality pet food companies are always trying to come up with new things to keep pet owners happy, the current eat like a human strategy seems to be working. Refrigerated pet meals work further to make pets feel like family, as is putting them on a trendy diet, such as a paleo diet.