Greg Blatt’s Success Over the Years

Greg Blatt has held several executive positions over the past years. His most recent role was as the CEO of both Match Group and Tinder, positions he held from 2016 through 2017. Before his promotion to CEO post, Greg was the executive chairman of both firms. Greg has also served for firms such as IAC where he held different roles, Business Affairs, and several other law firms. He also worked for Martha Stewart Living. Greg has educational accolades from Colgate University as well as Columbia Law school where he acquired a bachelor’s degree and a J.D respectively. 

According to Greg Blatt, he had no particular business plan in mind earlier on in his life. He embarked on various business before finally settling on Match Group. Before joining law school, Greg had gone from one job to another. Some of the jobs he did included bartending and painting. After his studies, he joined a law firm in New York doing commercial law, but later on, discovered that it was not what he wanted to do. Greg Blatt, therefore, moved to entertainment law but his role was short-lived. Greg, later on, became a general counsel, a responsibility that led him to work at IAC. After a few years, Greg was invited to Match Group, and he has developed the firm to what it is today.

Greg Blatt makes use of physical meetups and questioning his adversaries to make his days productive. Greg believes by physically interacting with people, one gets assured of productivity. As an entrepreneur, Greg Blatt makes excellent use of his time by working on projects that are due to become successful at the moment. He sets aside business ideas that will develop over time.

Greg Blatt ensures that he has a passionate team and provides them with the required resources so they can come up with valid ideas. He also encourages and inspires his team member to help out in creating profitable concepts. According to Greg, the use of video to connect people in different geographical location is a trend that excites him. He believes that interaction through video will create a massive transition in business.

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Protecting that Good Business Name and Reputation

A recent article brought to light an often problematic but not often discussed issue, that is the online attacks of reputation and business. It is a problem that websites like, have been dealing with for quite some time. Unfortunately with all the good the internet provides it also opens a new arena and forum for those with less than good intentions. Business owners large and small understand and appreciate the hard work, hours and sacrifices it takes to succeed in this ultra competitive market today.

This is where sites like the aforementioned can be a wonderful resource to remove bad search results. In addition to the hours and hours of searching to uncover what bad information is being spread about you and or the company, there is the question of what to do once uncovered. Sites like these will quite simply in most cases erase any existence of such harmful data out there while saving time and energy that would be otherwise spent attempting to remedy the situation.

There is of course other actions that should be taken. Such steps like putting more positive news out there about the business, what it is doing, who it is helping and the like will benefit by redirecting attention from the negative to the positive. Consulting with trusted others, perhaps even other owners who have had to deal with such negativity can help in formulating not only counter-strategies but by putting defensive measures in place as well.

A couple of other suggestions that have proven effective is to not get into a mud slinging war, this can be detrimental in the very worst of ways and cast a bad light on you and your business too. One of the most overlooked aspects of countering such attacks is reaching out to that loyal customer base and ensuring those who have put trust into doing business with your company. .

In an ideal world, these would be issues that would only rarely occur, the truth is that it happens far too often. The more successful any business or individual becomes the greater the target is on your back. Rest assured you won’t be the first and the last, and with the know how and tools like those sites previously mentioned, the ship can and will be righted. So here is to clear sailing, smooth waters and navigation into the best business your business can be.

Mizzou prof: Never End a Career Just for One Mistake

The video which went viral showing Click calling for some help in order to remove the paparazzi who was shooting the students protests at the University of Missouri has made Click to become a national celebrity, not for the good reasons but for all the bad reasons.
Since then, Melissa Click has remained suspended from conducting teaching awaiting investigations by the University’s’ System Board of Curators. Click who was charged with third degree assault could still walk free if she takes part in community service and able to stay away from any type of trouble for a period of one year. However, her major setbacks are the over 100 Missouri law makers who are keen on having her fired.
Click has decided to launch public relations offensive after three months of remaining silent. The move has been spearheaded by the Texas public relations firm, the Status Labs.
However, clicks case has received another major setback after another video resurfaced showing her curing at one of the police officers during an earlier student protest when she was touched by the police officer. Click, who had interposed between the universities students with the police trying hard to move them to the side walk during Homecoming parade at the University which was on the 10th of October.
The interim Chancellor Hank Foley was angered by the new video which was first posted by Columbia’s Missourian. Foley said he will be discussing it with the Board of Curators since it will be investigating Clicks behavior.
Foley revealed in a statement that Click’s behavior was appalling and that he was not only disappointed but also angry to see one of their students act in such a manner.
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