How Stiff Competition is Influencing the Dog Food Manufacturing Industry


Everyone longs to have strong and healthy pets at home. This can only be attained when they are fed on high quality food and receive the best veterinary care. Dog owners need to have all-inclusive information about the right type of food the animals ought to be fed on so that they remain strong and immune to diseases.

Dog food producers have realized that pet owners are always on the lookout for high quality foodstuff in supermarket shelves. They are coming up with technology to enable them manufacture products of high nutritive value. They do this to outshine business rivals and gain market supremacy.

The Evolution of Ingredients Used

There has been a paradigm shift in the kind of constituents used to manufacture dog food. Previously, not much attention was paid to the process. A new facebook trend has emerged where more nutritive ingredients such as freshly cooked meat are used.

Manufacturer Freshpet Inc. for instance goes an extra mile to ensure that the product is of high quality. Only fresh components are used in the process. In addition the preservative used restricts the time the product lasts on the shelves. This is to make sure that it reaches the pets while still fresh. It is even savored by human beings to demonstrate how delicious it is. More information about this can be found through this link;

Beneful Dog Foods and Supplements

Introduced to the market in 2001 by Nestle Purina, Beneful products have been a game-changer as far as pet food is concerned. Beneful are produced using state of the art technology, which guarantees the well-being of the pooches.

The products range from feeds to nutrition supplements which are vital for maintenance of high vigor in the animals. They also help improve the immunity of the animals, strengthen bones and teeth and also prevent fur from falling off as the animals grow old. The concentration level of nutrients in the respective products differs since they are meant for dogs of different ages. This kind of diversity has helped Beneful be a market leader in the sector.