QNET Poised to Dominate Supplement Market

QNET has positioned itself once again as the true leader in the Asian direct selling market. Releasing what can only be described as one of the most advanced breakthroughs in the supplement market, QNET released LifeQode hailed as an all natural halal, organic, and vegetarian supplement alternative.

The entire LifeQode product has been designed to sure the body from within without the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals to do so. The product is a combination of three unique products, the Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and the EDG3. They work in combination to replenish depleted nutrients in the body using all natural and 100% food extracts.

All three wellness products, the Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and the EDG3, all are made from natural ingredients. The regional general manager for the company says Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and the EDG3 provide hormone stimulation, immune boosting properties, and balance. The LifeQode product appears to have finally cracked the code on the secret to long term health without the need for chemically induced supplements.

All three of the LifeQode supplements released by QNET are friendly to any lifestyle. These flavors all come in their own individual packets, so if you like one or more of the flavors, you are free to mix them as you choose to enjoy the same benefits. The representatives for the company go on to say that there is a tremendous need at the moment for these supplements, as more people are becoming dangerously addicted to processed foods. The processed foods over no nutritional value and create an imbalance in the body’s ability to regenerate.

If your body loses the ability to regenerate properly, you are going to experience a nutritional crisis at one point of another. This in turn opens the door to an entirely whole set of chronic illnesses and diseases that could affect your well-being for the rest of your life. By balancing your diet and consuming these 100% natural supplements, you have the ability to add many years to your life.

QNET feels that with the latest release of the Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and the EDG3, they can help future generations to live longer and healthier lifestyles. The range of the products being carried by the company is extensive, but the LifeQode product supplements will take this company to a global market that desperately needs products that will boost their health without a growing dependency on toxic medications.

In additional to the supplement package, QNET is a global leader in selling personal care products, home care products, holiday packages, jewelry, weight management, as well as 40 different unique brands. The latest release will give the company world-wide recognition and put them in position to finally reach an audience that desperately needs these supplements.