JHSF and Jos Auriemo Neto Impacts the Economy of Brazil

The President of JHSF known as José Auriemo Neto is now considered as the newest king of luxury in São Paulo, Brazil. The entrepreneur has been accountable for the wonderful and multiple real estate sector in the country and has been associated with leading companies and hotel groups such as the Hotel Fasano and the luxurious and elegant boutique Daslu. Last 2014, José Auriemo Neto was able to communicate with his father, a businessman and the former president of the JHSF, Fábio Auriemo. He brought up the 80,000 square meter lot on the edge of the Marginal Pinheiros and told him that he sees a future in that particular lot and thinks that the location is great for building an enterprise like a high-end complex. He was able to convince his father by being persistent and consistent with his actions, words, and intention.

Because of José Auriemo Neto’s vision, the land has been one of the biggest real estate complex in Brazil. JHSF has been earning millions since then. The Marginal Pinheiros complex is a shopping mall that consists of almost 200 stores, four offices, nine residential towers, and part of the building will be used for the apartments and the other half is a hotel. The whole area has been named as the Parque Cidade Jardim. Each of the residential towers will be having apartments that are for sale and the prices will range from 1.8 million reais up to 16.6 million reais.

The smallest unit has 240 square meters and the largest has over 1,700 square meters. The four residential towers are the epitome of luxury and class, and the entire area was expected to reach up to 1 billion reais. Their inspiration for the mall came from the harbor shops in Miami, its extravagant and high-end market, and good environment.It can be seen that JHSF has been a strategic company that constantly looks for ways and innovation. José Auriemo Neto focused on the real estate market because of the great demand for that kind of venture. The whole country of Brazil is very grateful for the JHSF and their developments over the years.

Boraie Development Group; the leading Real Estate Franchise in New Jersey.

Just recently, the Shaq Tower was unveiled. It became the first high rise apartment to be opened in Newark. The mega project derives its name from the retired NBA athlete, Shaquille O’Neal who is a partner in the project and was born and bred in Newark. During its opening, Shaquille was joined by elected and non-elected leaders as well as other significant stakeholders. Being the first major project to be completed in the last five decades, the Shaq Tower becomes an essential landmark in the downtown parts of the city.


The groundbreaking tower is a public-private partnership between Shaquille O’Neal, Boraie Development, Newark City, the State, and the Goldman Sachs Development Group. Several media houses are also reporting that the project was boosted by a $24 million check from the New Jersey Department of Economic Development. The building is in line with Shaquille’s plans for the city that groomed him to what he is today. He further plans to pump in $150 million for another 35-storey building on McCarter Highway. His primary objective is to revive the struggling real estate market in his city.


Boraie Development Group has built a name for itself in the New Jersey real estate market. Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, its founder, the firm has been involved in various significant projects and has made New Brunswick its headquarter of operations. In the last three decades, the company has specialised in developing and managing residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Omar Boraie serves as the president of the corporation, while his two sons, Hiam and Sam Boraie are his vice presidents.


Another notable project under Boraie Developments portfolio is the Aspire Residential Apartment, a 17-story building situated near the New Brunswick train station. The magnificent structure was put up to target clients seeking a premium and luxurious apartment that provides special offers like concierge services. The Aspire apartment consists of a total of 238 two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio apartments located in a full-service, modern structure. Its residents will enjoy exclusive amenities that include private parking and 24-hour doorman service.  You can checkout their yahoo for more details.


The Boraie’s are not only known for their entrepreneurial endeavours, but also for their philanthropy. They are involved in various charitable courses. Omar Boraie recently collaborated with the state to re-open the New Jersey State Theater. Sam Boraie is a coordinator at Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit group that gives free meals to the homeless in New Brunswick. Visit rutgers.edu to see more.



Reference: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/category/boraie-development/


HCR Wealth Advisors Helps Children Appreciate the Value of Money

Planning your finances is something you must do if you want to enjoy life now and in days to come. This doesn’t mean you have to take a finance-related course to know how to manage your money well. As long as you can generate some money from your business or career job, planning it may not be a hard thing. HCR Wealth Advisors is an investment advisory firm that offers financial planning services and delivers exceptional customer service. Although many people can earn a living, some are unable to manage it.

The financial planners at HCR Wealth Advisors are careful to listen to the goals and needs of their clients. They then formulate investment strategies to help each of its clients reach their financial goals.  HCR Wealth Advisors also offers other services as well, including business consulting for clients who own businesses.  Besides giving people future-based advice, the firm also scrutinizes the business market to know how someone could invest.

This advisory firm is transparent with its clients on business objectives and financial plans. It makes them know that people who are thoughtful and disciplined with their money are more likely to secure a bright future and reach their financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors has a website where it posts it’s articles on investment and financial management and market trends. The firm has helped many parents with educating their children in financial matters.   The attitude your children develops on money may determine whether they would be financially independent someday.

According to HCR Wealth, the parents should teach their children the value of money. They shouldn’t give them money they haven’t worked for if they want them to understand this concept. If a parent has to give their child some money, they should first give them a task or chore to perform. This way, the child becomes responsible for the money they receive and even plan for it wisely. With this mindset, you help your children know how they could use the money to make their future pleasurable.

Source: https://www.nasdaq.com/

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Retire to a New Lifestyle with HCR Wealth Advisors

Many people might not realize that retirement is about moving on to something new. Most people view retirement as the ending of a career. While this is true, the new retirement system requires people to develop another purpose for their life. Just because an individual is retired does not mean that they will not have anything important or meaningful to do. As long as people are alive, they will need to have some kind of purpose. Without purpose, people lives can end up being filled with negative or unwanted things.

HCR Wealth Advisors understands how important it is for people to be prepared during their retirement years. The registered investment advisory firm can help clients to realize that retirement is more than just financial planning. A person must also plan for their new lifestyle. People that do not have a goal or a plan about how they are going to live life during retirement will probably end up someplace where they do not want to be.

HCR Wealth Advisors integrates various aspects of retirement into a client’s plan. The firm addresses issues regarding relationships and how they will impact a person’s retirement years. The retirement plan will also explore issues related to personal development and leisure activities. Potential retirees can describe the type of life they want to live in retirement and how their money is going to play a big role in that regard.

Retirement is not an end but a beginning. Once people realize this fact, they will look at their retirement differently. In some cases, retired people will use their golden years as a starting point for a new career or purpose. People want to live life to the fullest once they retire. Even if they want to relax and take it easy, having a solid retirement plan in place is essential to the process. Remember that HCR Wealth Advisors can help a retiree plan for a great life once their initial career has come to an end.

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Meet Dubai’s Real Estate Guru: Hussain Sajwani

The real estate of Dubai was not explored until the reign of Hussain Sajwani began. Sajwani is the owner of the dominating real estate firm: DAMAC Premises. The company was founded in 2002. Before this, Sajwani had built ssome hotels to help in accommodating the overflowing population resulting from the business persons in Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, had always been passionate about real estate. Back in his university days, he sold time share apartments. After school, he began working at GASCO Properties as a contract manager. He says that this job was very demanding. It involved paying the contractors.

During this time as the contractor manager, he realized that he would make so much money if he let others work for him. He also learned that employees had indispensable information that could change the face of a conglomerate company if they were given a chance. He also learned the value of money and time. He says that every minute is valuable. Any minute wasted cannot be re-lived.

Hussain Sajwani quit the job two years later and began his catering venture. The catering venture is currently doing great with over 200 projects and serving more than 150000 meals every day. He says that his success has been accomplished by fighting the spirit of fear. You got to have the courage to try what you believe can work.

Sajwani is named among the most influential Arabs in the world. This is because of his success in business and humanitarian work. He is a compassionate individual who loves to give back to the society. He recently donated AED two million to support an organization whose aim is to clothe needy kids around the world. His contribution would help cloth 50000 children. During the event, he urged other individuals to do the same. He mentioned the need to give children a good environment to nurture their dreams as they are the future leaders.

Hussain Sajwani also has valuable partnerships like that with Donald Trump. Although the latter has assumed office, he is confident that their business relationship will only get better. Their families are also close and spend a lot of time together.

Checkout the available jobs at DAMAC: https://www.payscale.com/research/AE/Employer=Damac_Group/Salary

Tips on Educating Children About Finances with the Help of HCR Wealth Advisors

Children need to be taught about finances and money so that they have the required preparation when it comes to adulthood. Some parents are afraid of initiating financial discussions because they feel that the kids will not be interested and sometimes they don’t know the right age to start introducing financial topics. However, the earlier the kid learns all they need to know when it comes to money, the more likely they will be able to make reliable financial decision in their adult life. That is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, recommends parents begin financial training early in a child’s life. Below are some of the tips that HCR Wealth Advisors posted to help parents educate kids about finance and money.

Reward Them with Allowance Once They Do the Chores

The first valuable lesson is to teach children that they have to work in order to earn money, it won’t just be handed to them without effort. Once they do the chores around the house and earn an allowance, it will teach them that money has to be earned.

Talk About Budgeting

Once they have earned an allowance, the next lesson that they need to be taught is making a budget. Start off by asking them to come up with the list of things that they need. With that list, they then can budget the money they have to buy their essential expenses. Everyone can benefit from effective budgeting, from a child to a large business, and HCR Wealth Advisors can help create personalized financial strategies for their clients to support this.

The Basics of Investing

Having the necessary knowledge when it comes to investing is a useful skill to cultivate early on in life. If the kids know about investments, then they will understand net worth and use it to their advantage. Teach them all they need to know when it comes to investing and the rewards they can obtain from investing wisely.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes that one of the best gifts that any parent can give their kid is a financial education. That’s why they do their best to encourage parents to educate their kids. HCR Wealth Advisors will keep their clients informed and help them come up with a strategy they can use to reach their financial goals.

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The Golden Star Belongs to Adam Milsten

Adam Milstein is an Israeli- American businessman and philanthropist. As of today, Adam Milstein is a partner with Hager Pacific Properties. Throughout his life, Adam Milstein has been dedicating his time to be a humanitarian and working within the community. Adam Milstein gives back to his community of the pro-Israel Americans because he does not want to see them struggle he wants them to be successful. Adam Milstein has expanded his love for philanthropy by having his foundation. Adam and his wife Gila created the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation discusses issues that are involved within Israel and to encourage people to fight as well as being brave for the upcoming generation. The association also donates free books that are written in Hebrew and information on the values of the Jewish culture. Another organization he has with his wife Gila is called Sifriyat Pajama B`America that gives books to children. Milstein lives by three principles that we help future humanitarians be more productive with philanthropy. The first principles are charitable work is a lifetime labor of love, the second principle is to remain focused, the third law is to put your money where your mouth is. Adam has contributed his time to many organizations that include, the Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition, Stand with Us and so many more. For the past couple of years, Milstein along with others created the Campus Maccabees summit. The summit is helping in defending against hate groups that spread Anti-Semitism and other hate on college campuses. Milstein continues to strive to do his best every day by putting his best foot forward. The hard work and the dedication that Milstein sets in his life show just how outstanding he is in the community. Milstein continues to be an inspiration and a beacon of light in his community.

New York City Real Estate Expo Cast Bright Future Over The City

The NYC Apartment for rent Expo forecast a bright future for real estate and leasing in 2016, with expo panelist, David Greene, president of brokerage services at MHP Real Estate Services, describing market leasing performance as “relentless.” The expo also included a number of analysts and brokers who discussed if the current upswing in the real estate market would continue into 2016.

Ken McCarthy, senior managing director at Cushman & Wakefield, also noted positive changes in the financial services sector. As outlined in the article published by Real Deal he explained financial services in the city are regaining momentum, which is significant. Financial services account for 11% of the New York City workforce. The Soho District was also mentioned as an area of financial growth. Analysts predicted growth, advanced leasing opportunities and real estate sales will continue throughout the first six months of 2016 at least.

The panelists reported any obstacles to growth were related to interest rates and the Federal Reserve. They noted some of that would change, possibly by December, and also described the New York real estate market as not a market of interest to local state and U.S. citizens. It also holds great interest and viability to foreign investors.

This is good news for consumers seeking the home of their dreams, and for real estate companies, such as Town Residential, who lease and sell some of the best homes in New York City. No matter where residents are seeking homes and apartments, or what their neighborhood of choice, Town Residential have listings that range from opulent and luxurious, to those seeking affordable choices. The company offers some of the most unique lofts in the city, with leases in areas such as the financial district, Manhattan, Soho, Greenwich Village, and many others.

Town Residential also offers a number of other fantastic choices, including Fifth Avenue, or 280 St. Marks. St. Mark’s includes townhomes, and penthouses, and Circa offers magical panoramic views of Central Park. Other Town Residential real estate leases include full floor residences, and triplex penthouses. They also offer some of the best agents in the business, with specialized knowledge of New York City and its many unique qualities. Trusted agents can locate consumers the perfect home. Whether individuals are seeking comfort, luxury, or specialized amenities, such as homes with office spaces, inside pools, saunas, or simply a roaring fireplace for cold winter nights, Town Residential have the perfect home.