Kevin Seawright Talks Business On the Radio

Last June 27th Kevin Seawright was a special guest on the radio show Larry Young Morning Show. He and Larry discussed an upcoming project of his that he wanted to educate viewers about. Kevin has founded a company called RPS Solutions and it is a company that is important to the entire Baltimore area because it renovates lower income housing projects that are in badly need or repair. Kevin has lofty aspirations for his company and he sincerely believes in doing good things for the Baltimore community.

In his own words, Kevin told Larry that he is passionate about helping people to own their own homes in the Baltimore area. There are so many people who are trying to purchase a home for the first time and they need some form of assistance. Kevin wants to help these people. They want the opportunity to own their own home but they also need the home to be affordable, and in a stable safe neighborhood. When people have a home with these qualities they have something they can be proud of, says Kevin.

Currently, home ownership in the Baltimore area is low but Kevin has the goal of getting the home ownership rate above 48.3%. RPS Solutions LLC works tirelessly, every day with that mission in mind by creating affordable homes that people can actually afford. When you allow people to own their own their own homes they become invested in their community and it becomes a nicest, safer place to live. It becomes a stable socioeconomic environment which is the key to a thriving community.

XRepublic reports that Kevin has been working with housing and project developments throughout his professional career. He has worked in the private sector as well as for local government all over the North East. The last position he held before starting RPS Solutions was the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. With this wealth of past experience, Kevin is well suited to help the Baltimore area by creating affordable housing for those who want to own their own home for the first time.  Check out Kevin’s full bio on the Newark CEDC Website.