George Soros: The Billionaire Philanthropist

The EU needs a comprehensive plan to eradicate the growing problem of the lack of a common refugee policy that has seen a transformation in the growing numbers of the asylum seekers into a political crisis in Europe today from a manageable problem. Every member of the EU state has focused on their individual benefits and not the interests of other. The panic among the asylum seekers has also precipitated as a result as well as the authorities responsible for order and law and the general public. The refugees are the victims that are worst hit.


The European Union needs a comprehensive plan, a plan that reasserts effective governance over the flows of the refugees. In an orderly and safe way that depicts the picture how Europe can absorb the refugees. For this plan to be comprehensive enough, it has to extend beyond the borders of Europe outwards. This will make it less expensive and much less disruptive to maintain those refugees close to their locations.


Syria is the origin of the current crisis facing Europe, the population of Syria is to be the priority. But other migrants and refugees should not be forgotten. The European plan must be brought to effect accompanied by a comprehensive response, under the UN authority and every member state under the UN. This will help in distributing the burden in Syria over many states while a global standard is established for dealing with the caused problems of more generally of forced migration.


The comprehensive plan must have the integral components. The European Union must accept at least one million refugees every year into the future. For the European Union to achieve that, the burden must be shared equitably. It is critical for the EU to have adequate financing; The European Union must provide a minimum of 15,000 euros fro every refugee for the first two consecutive years. These funds will be used by the asylum seekers to take care of their health, education and cover housing costs. The EU must use its unused capacity in the AAA borrowing that has added to stimulate the economy of Europe.


The EU will lead the worldwide effort to provide funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to support the millions of refugees in the country. The EU will then embark on building a migration agency that will guard the border. Safe channels must also establish for the refugees from Italy and Greece to their countries of destination. Please Visit: MarketWatch for more information.


George Soros fled from Hungary to England in the year 1947. He studied in a London school of economics and obtained qualification to work in a local investment bank in London in 1952. He immigrated to the United States and held two positions as an analyst and investment manager in three companies in New York City. He went off in 1973 and started a hedge fund firm. The Soros Fund Management grew into the well renounced Quantum Fund. For related reading, please visit Investopedia.