Slyce Dominates Online Shopping Industry With Visual Search


Since I have grown up I have seen the business and shopping communities change significantly. In fact, I can remember a day before the internet when you could only get things by going to the actual location that your product is sold. You would have to go to the hardware store to get those patio chairs, or you would have to go the mall and figure out where to buy your basketball shorts. Luckily, the internet came along and makes shopping online a possibility. In fact, online shopping might be one of the greatest innovations that the internet has made possible. In addition to providing complete news coverage, and other sources of entertainment, the internet brings us closer to the purchases that we want to make.

Online shopping in itself is an entertaining thing to do, but I do not usually want to spend hours of my free time online looking for the things that I want to buy. I found a pair of sneakers in the store the other day, for instance. They did not have my size in the store, so I went online later to find them, and I had a lot of trouble locating them. I found this app on my smart phone that made it a lot easier.

I was lucky to find out about Slyce because it seems like an app that will make my life easier when it comes time to shop for myself, for my home, and for my family. I imagine that it will make things easier when Christmas time comes around as well. I do not like dealing with crowded department stores at all. Does anyone out there like to stand in line? Why waste all of that time when you can use Slyce to buy exactly what you are looking for.

Slyce visual search is such an advanced technology that it uses image recognition and product recognition software to generate search results for users that are based entirely off of the picture submitted by each user. The entire process generates results that are more accurate than any other online shopping methods. Slyce is quick, Slyce is easy, and Slyce is free to download. The company is really making some waves in their industry, and they are actually partnered with several large retailers out there. Slyce publicly announced their partnership with large retailers such as Shoe Carnival within the past few months.