Solar Power Is Becoming Cheaper Than Ever

Alternative energy is on the rise, and recently we hit a milestone in terms of a majority of new power plant construction in the U.S. not being fossil fuel based. The future for solar energy is particularly bright. Technological advances have resulted in ever-increasing efficiency of solar cells so they are able to convert ever-higher percentages of sunlight into usable energy. At the same time, the cost of solar panels has been coming down to the point that it is just about at parity with the cost of fossil fuel power production in many countries. Given its enormous environmental benefits over fossil fuels, the cost was the only thing holding back substantial solar implementation particularly in poorer countries that can’t afford massive tax subsidies that this industry had required.

The improvement of our environment requires the dual effort of renewable power sources being used both in power plants and in vehicles. Gianfrancesco Genoso’s new research shows that cars are the other major polluter, and consumers will buy electric cars if they are a viable choice in terms of price and practicality. These problems are gradually being handled by human ingenuity as technological advances continue in the area of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells and as the infrastructure for green vehicles slowly begins to take shape.