Eric Lefkofsky: The Story of a Self-Made American Billionaire

When some people hear the name Eric Lefkofsky, they might think of Tempus. Tempus is a data-driven company that seeks to help doctors give personalized advice and treatment to their patients. The technology goes beyond anything doctors could have imagined before. It is based on big data software that collects and analyzes data from each patient to produce specific choices. This allows doctors to help patients a lot faster and in real-time. It also opens up the opportunity for doctors to treat patients remotely, which should be convenient for cancer patients who may be suffering from limited mobility.


Lefkofsky became a household name amongst physicians when he introduced the Tempus software. Most experts believe that this program is meant to revolutionize the way patients receive care, among other things.


The man has been a visionary since he was a young man. Of course, like others in his family, Eric Lefkofsky valued education. This prompted him to finish school and get his phD from the University of Michigan. His education was merely something he wanted to have in his back-pocket because what he was really interested in entrepreneurship. The first thing that he attempted was a shirt company based in his hometown. This proved to be harder than he imagined, but Lefkofsky learned valuable lessons. Sure, his business was not as successful as he might have hoped for, but it provided him with the money to try other ideas.


The entrepreneur decided to try another business with the help of a friend. The idea was to simply gather information from different stores and present them to the public in an smart-computability fashion. A few people might not have believed in this young man, but he proved to be a force in the entrepreneurial industry. Lefkofsky (Forbes) is now worth about $1.7 billion, and this wealth was achieved at a young age. The little business that proved to be quite successful was Groupon.


Lefkofsky is only in his 40s, and he is already on his next project. This drive to always better himself and challenge himself is something that he learned from his parents. Both were highly educated and valued the power one person can harness with enough determination. The project that he is tackling now, Tempus, is already looking like a positive gamble.


Another gamble that he took after Groupon was Uptake. This company seeks to use big data information to help businesses improve in different ways. The powerful software helps identify issues, weaknesses, and tries to improve them. One aspect that many take away from Uptake is that the system helps the companies improve safety. This drive to help people could have been predicted, especially if one knows Lefkofsky’s parents, who were bent on helping people in any way possible. His father works as an engineer and his mother works as a school teacher.


It is clear to see that Lefkofsky’s switch towards big-data information to help his fellow human beings might have been due to the way he was brought up. Of course, it might also be clear to those who see that he is an active philanthropist. There is definitely much more to Lefkofsky than what some might think. Hopefully, these accomplishments help enlighten those who don’t know much about the self-made billionaire.

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