Olympic Valley Incorporation Has Been Fought Off With Great Effort

The article by the Reno Gazette-Journal which can be found here article paints a vivid picture of events that took place. Here is a summary.

The Olympic Valley, which is also home to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, has been through some tough times in recent years. Both unfavourable weather conditions and the looming incorporation battle have placed the community in a difficult spot. Both residents and small business’s have felt it. Andy Wirth who is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been leading the battle against incorporation as he says this could lead to further problems such as high taxes and the loss of necessary services that allow business’s to function. These services include road maintenance and snow plowing. However Mr Wirth’s efforts have held of the incorporation and weather has been favourable of late allowing business’s to open much earlier in the season. On the other side, those in favour of incorporation say that Squaw Valley Resort had its own reason to stop incorporation as they have plans for community and residential development and the construction of a gondola service. Mr Wirth came out ahead and incorporation is no longer a threat. He says efforts can be made now to focus on matters at hand that will benefit the community as a whole.

Andy Wirth has been very involved in both environmental and community services in order to make the Olympic Valley one of the top winter vacation spots in the world. His plans to build a gondola connecting the Squaw Valley with the Alpine Meadows area has been something visitors have dreamed of for decades. This will make the visitors experience one to remember as it will allow them ease of access to the entire two mountain ranges.

Andy Wirth is also involved in leading up the community known as Wounded Warrior Support. This Navy Seals foundation was formed during his recovery from a near fatal skydiving accident where he came into contact with local Navy Seals. He says that the friendships he created allowed him to get through the tough time. Therefore he would like to give back to the members and their families upon their return from deployment. Without them he says his recovery would not have been possible. The foundation thanks the Navy Seals for their efforts.

Yeonmi Park and Her Incredible North Korean Story

Yeonmi Park is one of the individuals in the world who is really making a difference when it comes to human rights. Her childhood is the type of childhood that would have really beaten down many individuals, but instead of letting it beat her down she was able to create a very uplifting book. Her book shows the struggles of living in North Korea in constant hunger and fear. She was able to escape to China at the age 13, but it wasn’t easy. There were many hardships that her family had to go through in order to get to where they are today.

Even when in China the problems didn’t stop. There were many problems with organized crime that Park’s family had to deal with. This was something that was shown greatly in her book. There was much trauma in writing this book as Yenomi states. This is something that was very hard for Yeonmi of yeonmi.net, but she kept going forward in the face of the trauma. She knew that she had an incredible story that could help people move forward. There is so much good that can be brought forth with this book along with so much understanding.

Her story shows the difference in views of North Korean individuals, especially the women who are from North Korea. Many of the traffickers look at North Korean women as high priced merchandise. North Korean women are dedicated to their purity and virginity. This is very valuable in the chinese human trafficking market. This is something that Yenomi goes into great detail describing. There are many different stories that really bring the reality of the North Korean situation to the forefront of this story. Yenomi is very brave to bring all of these feelings back to the surface with this tell all story.

This book is so powerful that the leaders in North Korea are spreading negative propaganda against the book. Admittedly Yenomi is very scared about this, but there isn’t a whole lot that she can do other than be brave. It is good to know that her book is being taken seriously. This is something that can provoke some serious change. It is people like Yenomi who will be able to make real change happen in this world. They are the ones who are willing to make a real stand against what is happening in the world. Yenomi is still adapting to life in the United States. She was so trapped by poverty and hunger that she is having a hard time learning how free she is now. There are many new freedoms that she is still trying to learn how to adapt to.