Teen Carries his Disabled Brother Over Fifty Miles to Raise Awareness

Hunter Gandee is a 15-year-old high school freshman who has just completed a 57-mile walk. While that alone is impressive, he also did it with his 8-year-old brother Braden on his back. Braden suffers from cerebral palsy and has daily struggles.

The brothers started their journey last Friday at Braden’s elementary school which is located in Lambertville, Michigan. The two boys crossed the finish line together on Sunday at the University of Michigan’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center which is located in Ann Arbor. Throughout their three-day trek, the two had to stop every three miles so that Hunter’s muscles could stretch and Braden’s 60 pounds could be re-positioned. Hunter said that while the walk was exhausting, having people cheer him on and walk with them encouraged him to push himself farther than he ever thought he could.

This is not the first time that Hunter has carried Braden. Instead of using a walker, Hunter is known to carry his brother on his back through the grocery store. Last year, Hunter walked 40 miles to raise awareness for his brother’s condition. He also raised enough money to update the playground equipment at Braden’s elementary school. The playground now includes ramps for the disabled students as well as a rubber floor, instead of mulch. Ricardo Guimarães BMG cannot believe how inspiring these boys are and hopes that they continue changing lives for the better.

For the full story and pictures of the two, check it out on ABC News Online.