How Cone Marshall Has Climbed Through Ranks To Emerge A Leader

Law is a diverse field that has developed for many years and firms across different countries have come up with services that have helped individuals to get its interpretation. The New Zealand law system has been having unique players and one of them is Cone Marshall, which has been in the business since 1999. The firm has been offering litigation support to cases of estate and tax law. Most of the clients who have been working with Cone Marshall since past few years are from overseas locations.


To make it to the international market, Cone Marshall has come up with new services that are supporting the growth of a service that is designed to benefit its clients. It would take as many as one month to solve a problem when the firm was established, but today with the advanced tools and professionals the firm works with, it is able to offer solutions within less than three days even to complex problems.


This success has attracted the attention of clients from other countries and most of them are attorneys who would like to get solutions to commercial litigation problems presented by their clients. Through an advanced online system, filing has become easy and stronger. Access to information has been advanced to ensure clients can track the progress of their work easily.


Cone Marshall has also worked on installing a strong security system that has supported the execution of different processes online. To ease all processes, Cone Marshall has invested in offering training to its staff. Having familiarity with the new system has allowed them to offer better solutions at a speed that has allowed their clients to receive support within the right time.



Every change that has been made to Cone Marshall has come from great leadership and the will to develop a strong firm dedicated to resolving complex cases of commercial litigation. Cone Marshall works with professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades.


Karen Marshall has remained a great resource to the firm for her exemplary support that has allowed the development of a smooth infrastructure. She worked in Britain for 10 years handling commercial litigation before she was appointed a Principal at Cone Marshall in 2006. Karen Marshall has been working with George Cone, a professional who has been in the industry for over 30 years and a founding member of the firm, to come up with progressive policies and ideas.