How Did Handy Win Out Over HomeJoy?

Handy and HomeJoy were recently engaged in a battle over the home cleaning services market, and Handy won the war as HomeJoy filed for bankruptcy. The two companies provided similar services, and this article explains how Handy provided a better service to its customers. Handy grew the market at the same time that HomeJoy was struggling with a complicated website. Homeowners must turn to Handy to get the home cleaning they need today.

#1: Handy’s Website Is Easy To Use

The Handy website has a side for the cleaners and a side for the homeowners. Homeowners may choose the cleaners they want to work with, and cleaners have the opportunity to create information pages for their businesses. Browsing on Handy is simple, and customers may book their cleaners at any time.

#2: Handy Offers Fair Wages

Homeowners understand that home cleaners must make a fair wage, and Handy pays anywhere between $14 and $18 per hour. The HomeJoy model did not pay quite as well, and both homeowners and cleaners were not getting good value. The Handy model is currently booking around $1 million in appointments a month, and those appointments benefit both the cleaners and the homeowners.

#3: Regular Customers

Handy allows home cleaners and homeowners to create regular business. A regular customer may book a new cleaning at any time, and a house cleaner has the opportunity to find more new customers. A house cleaner could create so much regular business from Handy that they must close their calendar to new appointments. This system helps everyone make money without forcing house cleaners to search endlessly for new business.

Every house cleaner who wishes to run their business online may opt to use Handy for that purpose. The Handy website is simple to use, and house cleaners will save money on Internet costs that other businesses are losing every month. Handy saves money on operating costs, and customers find the house cleaner they want instantly. The system was far more user-friendly than HomeJoy, and the imbalance in the two left HomeJoy bankrupt while Handy prevailed in the court of public opinion.

Flipora Has Gotten A Lot Of Attention Lately

Investors start to get excited when they see something new and different come out, and that has been the case with Flipora. Investors are swarming the company, as they want to be a part of it and the changes that it is bringing to the web. The investors want to help Flipora to grow so that it can one day take over all of the search engines that people use, nowadays. They believe in all that Flipora can do, and they are more than happy to put some of their money into the company.
Flipora was formed by two guys who were in graduate school, and they did their best work to make it into something good. Now, 7 million unique users a month have the founders to thank for the convenient way in which they use the web. Flipora helps them to do things differently, and more easily, than search engines would, and people are really enjoying using this service because of that. Flipora just keeps getting more and more attention because of how unique and great of a service it is.
Everyone likes hearing of something different coming out and taking over the web, and everyone has gotten pretty excited about Flipora and the things that can be done with it. Investors have taken notice and have given Flipora a good amount of money to keep expanding, and users have taken notice and begun to get on it all the more. Flipora has done many great things, and there is sure to be more to come from the company.

Managing Online Reputation to Keep Business

Many people that are looking for something like a lawyer, a dentist or any type of service or business is going to be looking at Google or certain other search engines. However, there is always a chance that someone decides to ruin the reputation of another. As a result, one of the bad reviews may be put on the front page of the search results. Unfortunately, these results are there to stay for a while. Unfortunately, this could cause a big blow to a business, especially since the Internet is a major source of information. As unfortunate as this is, it happens. However, there are many ways for one to manage his own reputation. This is through online reputation management companies.

One person who is an expert at online reputation management is Darius Fisher who is the president of Status Labs. He understands that the Internet has become the main source for information when ti comes to the majority of people. After all, the Internet has all types of information conveniently put together for one to access from virtually anywhere. He sees a weakness in many companies. This weakness is in preparation for an attack on their reputation. So he looks for ways to deal with reputation.

His method of managing reputation for his clients involves creating a lot of new content. This is for the purpose of bringing down the bad reviews from the front page. Of course the content has to be accurate and not just some lie made up to improve the image of the company. Darius works with all kinds of content which include social media, personal websites, blogs or any other type of web presence that one could use in order to bring about good news or bad news about a company. He also understands the need for providing content that is true and positive for his client.

Online reputation management is very important for people in the online world because people could resort to dishonest means in order to bring about their agenda. This could include libel and slandering a company. These slanders have to be found out and fought as well. It takes more than just running a business and providing a good service to customers.