Bob Reina – The CEO That Everyone Would Love to Work For

Bob Reina happens to be the CEO that many people imagine working with. That is a compliment of the highest order. Words usually used to describe CEOs are anything but down to earth or cool. Most people dread having to even communicate with their CEO. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina inspires a totally different reaction in many people.


He reminds people of what it is to be one of the guys or girls. He is the kind of person who is as comfortable handling an international call as complimenting a new worker on their performance. This concern for others, and how they’re getting along, goes a long way in creating a persona that people gravitate toward. Perhaps his ability to deal with people can stems from his time as a Hillsborough County Sheriff. While working for the Sheriff’s department, someone introduced him to the world of direct sales.


He can look back at that time and recall working off-duty gigs to earn extra income. He can also recall in the beginning that his phone bill was bigger than his commission checks in direct sales. As such, it is safe to say that he understands the value of sticking to a plan and pushing through to realize a personal dream. As a result, Reina created a successful company with several goals in mind. He wanted to change the way people connect, and to utilize his product to create a direct-sales business. Talk Fusion is now one of the nation’s top companies for direct-sell marketing.


Talk Fusion products include video email, video newsletters, live meeting setups, and video chat. These products reflect the technology of today’s world. People can video conference online from any in the world with only an Internet connection, web cam, and can set up a virtual office from anywhere in the world. Learn more: