LocationSmart Delivers Its Services to Canada

LocationSmart announced the expansion of its location tracking services to Canada across all major wireless carriers. The services provided comprise of short message services, geo-contextual, and secure carrier network location.

The company will utilize its original platform to provide location-based services to more than ninety percent of mobile subscribers in Canada. More so, the location-based services will remain available to all wireless network providers as well as their branches within the country.

After obtaining the rights from subscribers, different businesses will readily determine the location of their clients in real time. The services are free from software installation or related mobile app downloads and supported by cellular connection devices such as smartphones, tablets, M2M/IoT, among others.

As security and privacy being crucial factors in the process, LocationSmart uses carrier-grade securities and inclusive privacy management tools to ensure subscriber location remains confidential and secure.

The company provides location-based services for the benefit of businesses, especially in boosting operations and improving customer service delivery. Other benefits include the provision of real-time locations for tracking of assets and cargos, customer transaction verification, toll-free routing, and essential for the management of the workforce.

Besides, businesses can trace subscribers through their phones anywhere around the world, given that they have an operational device connected to a cellular network.

According to a statement released by Mario Proietti, CEO of LocationSmart, the expansion to Canada aims at developing new ways to create opportunities for clients to improve service delivery to mobile users. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

Again, wireless network providers utilizing location tracking services will eventually explore new markets while realizing more business relationship, therefore, building more sustainable mobile services. The CEO also promises to include other strategies on their international expansion hence enabling businesses to support their clients effectively.

In early 2018, LocationSmart introduced a complete Beta program in Canada which has seen different industries already utilizing in several sectors.

Mario Proietti added that the company remains committed to implementing seamless techniques while the Beta program is already witnessing a large number of clients launching it. Subsequently, other customers are on the processing of acquiring the service hence integrating mobile network location services successfully.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a Location-as-a-Service and wireless location-based Services Company headquartered in Carlsbad, California, United States. Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti founded it in 1995 under the name TechnoCom Corporation and based in Los Angeles, California.

It is privately held and specializes in providing consent-based location services for businesses through tracking of mobile subscribers.

In 2003, it was recognized as the fast-growing facility in the United States by Deloitte & Touche. Rebranding in 2012, the company uses a cellular network, Wi-Fi, IP address, hybrid, and software development kit to identify the location of registered subscribers. Currently, it operates with different companies in the United as well as US states in the provision of online gaming services.

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The Investing Strategy of HGGC

There are many theories about investing. You will find that experts in the field of investing have their own ways of going about their business. There have been literally thousands of books written on the subject. There are some companies that are much better at investing than others They have a knack for putting their money in the right industries and generating a profit. HGGC would definitely fall into that category. The private equity firm headquartered in Palo Alto has become a darling of Silicon Valley. They have made connections with many of the biggest tech firms in the world. These valuable connections have been a huge asset for HGGC over the years.

One of the biggest reasons why HGGC has had such massive success over the past decade has been their leadership. The people who are in charge of running the company have an enormous amount of experience. They have seen and done everything in the world of finance and investing. Therefore, they are able to predict what direction the markets are going to take. The venture capitalists who invest with HGGC are well aware of their skill when it comes to finding great potential investment opportunities. This is why the company never has a shortage of people who want to work with them.

The investing strategy of HGGC involves spreading their money out over many different industries that are always in demand. For example, they have poured a lot of money into tech and infrastructure over the years. These investments have generated huge profits for the company. They also prefer to keep all of their investments very close to home. They tend to shy away from investments that require them to put money into foreign countries. They prefer the stability of the North American economy for all of their investment ventures.

The world of investing is constantly evolving. Only the private equity firms that show the most consistent profit will be able to survive. HGGC has proven itself many times over the years. There is no sign that this will be changing any time soon. They are always ahead of the curve.


Jason Hope: Inspiration Of Today


Jason Hope is a globally acclaimed investor adept at predicting the success of products and services offered through new technology. Along with a personal appreciation for devices and applications that help us manage our time and track our productivity, he’s excited about technology’s potential to fully manage our homes from breakfast to lights out. He refers to this large scale intersection of daily life with digitized technology as the Internet of Things (IoT), and encourages all interested to join his free forum, IOTCOUNCIL Membership.

He highlights technology such as remote temperature control of the home, smart footwear that helps you know how well you’re improving in your cardio quests, digitized medicine delivery that attaches to our bodies as needed, global networking and exchange of ideas, etc. As Jason explains, the growth of the Internet of Things is limitless.


Jason Hope is also known for passionately participating in and/or helping to finance ideas and institutions that he finds promising and especially aligned to improving technology and health. He explains how sometimes even a $500 USD grant is enough to position a fellow entrepreneur toward forward momentum for their objectives. Recently, he graciously donated $500,000 USD to the cutting-edge SENS Foundation, a research and development institute aiming to reverse diseases associated with aging. Jason is also a regular, generous contributor to The Andre Agassi Foundation, the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the International Foundation for Education and Self Help, the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, Family Health International and many others.


Jason Hope started his successful T-shirt company in February of 2008. With its headquarters in Arizona, he points out how technology allows him to easily attain the global reach that permits exponential profits today for infinitesimal costs of yesterday. The company has proven beneficial to the local economy. Jason maintains an attitude of faith toward all of his endeavors. He advocates focusing on one business objective at a time, keeping one’s attention on the macro level of things instead of worrying about small-scale concerns. To muster continued success, he offers entrepreneurs three advisements, 1/ build bridges in relationships, 2/ learn ecommerce and 3/ dream big only if you’re keen on taking relevant action.


Jason Hope earned his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University (ASU). He majored in finance and received his Baccalaureate of Sciences degree. He remained with his alma mater and attained his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from its W. P. Carey School of Business. He has his eyes set on political designs.

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PSI Pay Rings in the Future of Contactless Payment

Ringing your bank will soon take on a whole new meaning, if innovative companies like PSI Pay are any indication. The UK-based company, providing digital wallet services to the European market, is partnering with Kerv wearables to transform jewelry into wallets. Their current iteration of wearables coming in the form of a ring. Europeans, already comfortable with contactless payment, are leading the way for their counterparts in America, who, apart from the millennials, have been slow to adopt these technologies.


PSI Pay has been leading the way in the UK; in 2015, for instance, seeing a market increase of nearly 30%, but due to the disparity in feeling towards companies like PSI Pay between Europeans and Americans, the digital wallet functions differently in the two markets. In Europe, the wallet can be linked to credit cards, debit cards, ATM accounts, and bank accounts, essentially eliminating the physical wallet all together. They also allow the easy management and usage of multiple currencies, such as the Pound and the Euro, an all too important requirement for economies as interlinked as those of Europe. Additionally, with the growth of the so-called cryptocurrencies, a digital wallet allows consumers to quickly exchange these funds for real, useable money.



In America, the digital wallet hasn’t quite replaced a physical wallet. The American form of the technology does not replace cash, but simply acts as a middleman between a linked debit or credit card and the merchant. For the US market, most of these transactions occur online, while physical merchants have been slower on the uptake of these technologies; though it is thought that by 2020 contactless payment will be commonplace in America too.


With the introduction of Kerv’s ceramic, zirconia ring to UK consumers, and their partnership with a well-established fintech company like PSI Pay, it seems likely that Europe will continue to surge ahead in the race to make physical wallets a thing of the past. The ring, linked to PSI Pay’s technology, eliminates all the pesky details like pin numbers, signatures, phones, or even batteries. PSI Pay seems well placed to ring in a new future.

Who is Jason Hope?

He is a philanthropist who was born in Arizona. The entrepreneur was brought up in a temple according to the traditions. Later he joined Arizona University in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Finance and immediately after his graduation he proceeded with his masters in the same field at a business school called Carey. Jason has been an investor in the internet world, desktop apps, software gaming and mobile apps for a period and has partnered with several companies. In addition to this Jason also offers financial consultation services.

What is his relationship with SENS Foundation?

Because of his philanthropist nature, he mostly carriers out research that may offer solutions to challenges facing the people of Arizona as a way of giving back to them. Recently, the investor has made a considerable donation to SENS Foundation. This is a company that aims at getting anti-aging treatment by use of biotechnology. Aubrey de Grey is one of the founders of the company and a close associate of Jason Hope. Through making donations, he hopes that the company will have enough resources to use in the research on anti-aging remedies which he later plans on presenting to his people back in Arizona. The company hopes to achieve the goal by coming up with cell repair natural medicine and coming up with treatments that come with old age which include; Atherosclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s among others.

What types of diseases does Jason Hope hope this anti-aging research will help cure?

As waste products accumulate in the body, the functionality of the body starts becoming inefficient. Most of the blood vessels start growing inelastic, and so is the skin. As a result, blood is not appropriately pumped to other body organs, and waste products in the body are not entirely excreted. Therefore, due to the poor body functioning, as one grows old, some diseases start creeping in. These diseases include; Diabetes, Alzheimer, and Atherosclerosis.

What other philanthropic organizations does he support?

The successful business man’s kindness is beyond reach as he has offered monetary support to several companies apart from SENS foundation which are Metropolitan Phoenix club for girls and boys, Lymphoma and Leukemia which is a society from Mountain Desert, Worldwide Orphans, Foundation for Education which is an international organization, Foundation of Andre Agassi among many others. He does all these actions as he believes that the best gift humankind can offer is making the lives of others better and worth living.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

Jason Hope Makes Massive Donation to the SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is the man behind the Internet of Things or, at least, the rise of it. The Internet of Things is a term that people use to describe an interconnected world that revolves around the internet. The internet, in this world, runs pretty much every accessory item in life so as to make life easier and more efficient than ever. This is a future that Jason Hope believes in. Of course, there are a great many different futures that Hope believes in because he is, after all, a futurist. Working as a futurist means that Jason Hope is always looking to what might potentially come next. This obviously leads him to reach into fields quicker than his fellow entrepreneurs. Let’s take a closer look at those fields.

The Future of Medicine

Jason Hope is not afraid of getting out of his familiar ring of expertise, which largely centers on the internet and mobile technology. Hope recently really engaged with the world of medicine and, more specifically, the future of age-related diseases. Hope hooked up with the impressive SENS Foundation in order to donate $500,000 toward their research of age-related disease and potential cures to address those problems. The SENS Foundation is located in California and they are a non-profit company that works with biotechnology in order to address how humans age.

Knowing that medicine is always going to be there makes this donation both charitable and intelligent. Hope said of the non-profit, “I have had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now. I believe their work is essential to the advancement of human medicine.”

Hope’s words weren’t just kind and focused, they were echoed in thanks by the CEO of the SENS Foundation, Mike Kope. Kope responded by saying, “We need to create an entirely new biotech industry. That’s why we created SENS Foundation: to be a credible catalyst for change.” Kope has been leading the SENS Foundation for a while now and he noted that Hope’s donations would go to update on the prior work the company had been doing in 2011.

Jason Hope is also a strong proponent of Internet of Things, as we listed in our introduction. The Internet of Things is the future of technology. Hope believes that the IoT is going to be more than just a gimmick that brings entertainment to people around the world. He also believes that the IoT will grow and branch out to cover everything important including public transit, first responders, traffic systems, our vehicles and more. If Jason Hope is a successful futurist, which he has been thus far, than his prediction for the IoT could become one that changes the world.

Jason Hope info: twitter.com/jasonhope

Bob Reina: The Innovator Of Success

Success is something that can mean something different to each and every single person out there. For some people, success is simply having a job, a family, and a roof over their heads. For other people, they just love having money and being able to buy whatever they want. Again, this is not a simple answer. There is a lot more that goes into it. However, Bob Reina is the innovator of success as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a video technology company that is award winning, fun, and game changing for a lot of people out there in the industry. They are seeing life in a whole new way. One way that people view success is the ability to be able to have their own company.


People like things that are all their own without anyone else getting in the way of it. It is not as though they are not interested in sharing a piece of their pie. They are more than happy to do that. After all, they are not just interested in having this company all to themselves. They want others to work for them, and they are going to be the fun boss they wish they had had when they had to work for someone else. They are going to learn from the mistakes of others.


Bob Reina is big on being the fun and hard-working CEO of Talk Fusion. As far as award winning, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, an award that is only given out to products that are constantly growing and constantly improving. These are companies that are innovating. They are not going to sit on their hands and simply stay put. They are going to branch out and look for ways to change the game. They are innovators, which Bob Reina has always been known as in the industry.


One of the most telling things about reading about Bob Reina is that throughout all of this, the company has changed, but he is still a great human being and the success has not gone to his head. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/

Jason Hope – Talking About the Pros of Internet of Things Technology

One of the most famous serial entrepreneurs based in Arizona is Jason Hope, who is also known as a self-proclaimed futurist and a well-known technology enthusiast. Jason Hope has invested in many of the technology start-ups and continues to look for new opportunities to invest in technology world. As an investor, he has helped many of the young start-ups to realize their true potential and achieve their business objectives as well. Jason Hope is a technology enthusiast and stays updated about the recent happenings in the world of technology.

One of the technologies that Jason Hope is highly excited about Internet of Things technology. Internet of Things technology is about connecting different devices and working in a synchronized manner. It would connect all the various electrical devices and share information in real time over a shared network. Jason Hope says that the future belongs to the Internet of Things technology and there are many industries like aviation, defense, corporate sector, and others, which are already researching on and using the applications of the internet of things. Internet of Things, as per Jason Hope would replace the smart technology that is being used the world over by the majority of the people. Jason Hope says that people would be greatly benefited by the use of internet of things and the large scale corporations would be able to save a considerable amount of money as well due to it in the following: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jason-hope-explores-internet-things-090000898.html click here.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things would help improve the performance of the companies and save money as well as time considerably. As a futurist, Jason Hope believes in the power of medical research and technology for which it provides considerable donations to SENS Research Foundation to research anti-aging. He also believes that the life span of the people can be substantially increased, which is also one of the areas where SENS Research Foundation does extensive research on.

Securus Technologies is Being Led Into the Future by CEO Rick Smith

Appointed CEO in 2008, Richard A Smith’s technological abilities are taking the company into the future. The CEO previously served as President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. His appointment at Securus was due to his expertise and dedication in his field.

Securus, a for-profit company, continues to be a leader in creating the use of video calls in prisons. The use of video calls allows inmates to have contact with visitors. Instead of the former face-to-face visits these calls save prisons money, improve the overall safety and allows for a wider range of inmates to have communication with outsiders. Another technological advancement is Securus’s use of biometric technology. Using this technology makes it easier to identify inmates as well as to allow for a more efficient way of managing inmates. Read more about Rick on Bloomberg.com.

Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has invested more than $600 million dollars into various technologies and new patents – all, within three years. Richard was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering which he completed at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He then transferred to the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he earned his MBA. He also earned a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Brockport.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-adds-sales-executive-to-leadership-team-300201202.html

During his nine years as CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. he successfully grew the company’s revenue from approximately $30 million to some $350 million. This led Eschelon to a successful IPO in the summer of 2005. Richard accomplished this with his outstanding background, set of skills and breadth of experience and impressive track record. His valuable experience base in telecom, his series of positions in a wide variety of disciplines, particularly during his employment at Frontier corporation, prepared him for overall operations including finance, IT, business development among others.

As CEO, Rick Smith Securus has demonstrated his experience, focus and drive. This has contributed to him moving the company forward. This has resulted in making the company the undisputed leader in the corrections industry in regards to quality products and services. The company, located in Dallas, in in the best of hands as Rick Smith oversees the services for more than 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America.

ClassDojo Communication App Is Used In Over 80,000 Schools 

The education system has been impacted greatly by technology innovations over the past few decades. Many schools have been able to utilize technology to accomplish things that would not have been possible 30 years ago. The use of technology has made schools and schools systems more effective in many ways.

One of the areas where technology has not been utilized greatly regarding schools and school systems is teacher and parent student conferences. The traditional conference between teachers and parents is still the primary method used by schools for teachers and parents to discuss students’ progress in school.

The traditional teacher and parent student conference is based on a few meetings being held during the school year to discuss the activities and progress of students. The actual conferences between teachers and parents are effective. The conferences keep parents informed and allow teachers to communicate with parents about the students. However, the time needed by both teachers and parents to commit to the conferences is a lot.

ClassDojo is a company that is out to change the way teachers and parents meet to discuss students. The company has a communication app on the market that helps with communication between teachers and parents regarding students. The way the app works is that schools have a communication platform that is used in conjunction with the app. Teachers, parents, and students can use the app through the communication platform.

Teachers and parents can stay in touch by sending messages using the app back and forth. With the app, teachers and parents can communicate as often as they like because the messages can be checked at any time and responded to at any time. The ability to respond and communicate when desired is a benefit that many teachers and parents like concerning the app developed by ClassDojo.

Recently ClassDojo received funding in the amount of 21 million dollars regarding the communication app that the company currently has on the market. The additional funding generated for the app will allow the company to provide extra features and enhancements to the app.

ClassDojo is filling a void in schools related to available technology that can provide options related to various ways to handle teacher and parent student conferences. The communication app developed by ClassDojo is currently used in over 80,000 schools. The app has received positive feedback from many users of the app regarding teacher and parent communication.