The Depth of Internet Creepiness


This article serves to show the creepy content you may find on the internet. Be prepared, as these websites are some of the most graphic you will encounter. Enter at your own risk!


Chilling Photos of Murder Victims Taken By Their Killers- Chris Farley



This one has creeped me out because of how much of a fan I was of his. As a comedian on Saturday Night Live, Chris was known to everyone, his loud and boisterous nature impossible not to stare at and break out in complete laughter. His increased alcohol and drug use was seen by millions towards the end of his life. However, on the night of his death, the prostitute he was partying with thought nothing to help him when he seemed to be struggling to breathe, and begged her to stay. But it was no problem for this woman to snap a photo of him lying on the floor, ultimately spiraling towards his death. She is the killer, that makes these murder pictures, because she could have called for help and didn’t. She chose to get her picture for her payout instead. Onto the next shockers.


The 14 Creepiest Websites on the Internet


This has got to be one that ultimately supports my fact of the ballsiness of what people can actually put on the internet legally. Here is the list for those brave enough to venture in their quest for scary pictures:


1) If you thought terrorism was bad, check this one out. It’s called IRL cannibals. It’s a forum about eating people and being eaten by people. I’m not joking. Just when I thought there couldn’t be something creepier than what I’ve already seen, here comes another site. Holy schnikees, this is creepy.


2) How to Summon Demons. Pretty self-explanatory, right? The sad thing is that it is mostly comprised of young adolescents.


3)Interactive- a story about being in a mental asylum. Most people don’t venture beyond the first chapter. Which of course makes this one of the most disturbing websites.


4) What the drug trade is really like.

5) Find a Photos of celebrities that are deceased are found in this site.

6) Fifth Nail- blog of a serial killer, among other nasty things.