The Officer From The McKinney, Texas Incident Quits

Everyone has been talking about the incident that happened in McKinney, Texas and the police officer who went crazy on the teenagers there. Police Officer Resigns. The full story is out now, and what happened was unbelievable. The police officer is 41 years old, and he had been a 10 year veteran with the police department. When he went on the scene to break up what seemed to be a rowdy pool party, he became the one who was rowdy.

He had gone after a teenager who was a young girl, and he roughed her up before handcuffing her. He also pulled his gun on unarmed teens, and when his fellow officers tried to pull him back, he pulled away in anger says Kevin Seawright. A teenager who was in attendance at the party, he was able to videotape the entire incident. The videotape helped a lot because it proved that the officer was out of line, and many have disagreed with his policing tactics.

After the video went viral, the police officer has now resigned from his position. Although there was an investigation going on, the officer was never charged, and no one else from the party was charged either. Unfortunately, the police officer acted out of term, and it looks like all the publicity that has been put on the situation made him finally decide to quit. Really, officers with very little temperament, they don’t need to be on the job anyways.