Trabuco Bradesco Talks About Banking In Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated college with a degree in Philosophy and Sociology. He uses what he learned in the classes he attended to run his company. His knowledge has allowed him to make Bradesco the top bank in the country. Trabuco Bradesco is a name that is well known in the banking industry not only in Brazil but throughout the world. As the largest bank, they have been increasing their business substantially and it is due to the leadership practices of Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Trabuco Bradesco has invested in many of the up and coming corporations that have been popping up in Brazil in recent years. They are committed to increasing the tourism and housing industries and have seen the countries population growing. The bank has many branches located in major cities. Working as a bank teller in the early years, Trabuco Bradesco learned all that he could and was quickly promoted to other areas of work there. He managed the lending department for several years until he was promoted to CEO of the company.

Trabuco Bradesco has been named to the top of the list of the most influential people in Brazil. This honor comes after receiving many awards from other organizations. He serves on many boards which are affiliated within the banking industry and has held the title of president of several of them. He is very involved in the business and hopes to see changes which are currently being worked on. He believes that there is always room for improvement and current lending practices are still to be made better for the average person.

At the age of 66, Trabuco Bradesco shows no sign of slowing down and is currently increasing his workload. He continues to increase his knowledge by attending seminars and conferences and often is a keynote speaker at them. He spends his free time with his family and they are often found travelling the world. He feels that by being aware of what is happening globally, he is able to focus more on what he needs to do in his country. His tenacity is outstanding.

Bruno Fagali Works to Promote Brazilian Law

Since Bruno Fagali is a lawyer, he knows there are a lot of differences between laws in Brazil. He also knows there are things people have to rely on when they’re working on different opportunities. For Bruno Fagali, the point of helping people is so he can make them have a better understanding of all the legal options in the industry he’s a part of. He also knows there are things that would continue helping create positive experiences no matter what they’re doing. Bruno Fagali began working as an attorney to help and give back in different situations. It made sense for him to do things that people could rely on and things that people could take from different situations.

When Bruno Fagali works with other people, he can help them have a better experience with the legal advice he offers. Bruno works with a lot of high-profile clients. In fact, he works with the Brazilian government. Not many people get that chance and that made things easier on him when he was starting out. He knew he could do a lot and make a huge impact on the way things were working for him. He also knew the industry would change as a result of the things he did to make a difference.

Bruno always had a lot of goals in mind. As an attorney, it was important to him to give back to people who needed it. He also knew things were important because he was doing the best job possible. If he had the chance to go above and beyond, he would take that chance. He would also sometimes take cases he felt he didn’t have a chance to do because of the way he put things together for other people. It didn’t make sense for him to try and help other people with the issues they faced.

Even though Bruno continued growing and continued making the business better, he felt like he had a lot of different chances for success as an attorney. He kept doing things that would change the future for himself and other attorneys. The point of creating positive experiences for other people was so he had a chance to show them what they could get. He didn’t want to show off or try to do things others couldn’t. He just wanted those who saw his work to also see someone who dedicated a lot of time to the business.

Getting to Know about Bruno Fagali

The Fagali law firm was created for a major reason: to meet the demands of legal clients by matching up the extensive knowledge of staff members with the diverse legal issues affecting day to day businesses. The law firm is composed of a team of highly qualified individuals who have experience in Compliance, Advertising Law, Election Law, and Public Law. The man who was behind the wonderful idea of creating the firm is Bruno Fagali, a renowned expert in law who specializes in diverse law-related fields.

Bruno Fagali’s recent report on the proposed bill

Bruno Fagali’s expertise in law has enabled him to serve hundreds of clients who always feel comfortable disclosing their confidential issues to him. Interestingly, he has always been concerned about the legal atmosphere of Brazil thereby suggesting several legal recommendations to the country’s law with the aim of protecting the rights of the land and of the people. Recently, he introduced a bill that would ensure no corruption assets from the country are laundered to the United States. The bill which was introduced in early 2018 was to be passed into a Cleptocracy Asset Recovery Reward Act which would address the issue of corruption. The bill’s provision is that whoever could turn in any money launders or foreign asset would always be awarded $5 million.

About Bruno

Bruno is a Brazilian attorney who has always fought against corruption since he began his career in law. In 2006, he managed to gather a group of experts whom they started the legal practice at the Fagali law firm. Bruno also works with Nova/sb where he is the corporate integrity manager. His main role in the organization is to enforce integrity at the corporate level as well as prevent any forms of fraud at the company. The Nova/sb team was unable to implement their corporate integrity program before they met Bruno due to the fact that they handle contracts that require utmost discretion. And the only person they would rely on for the confidentiality was no one but Bruno. The excellent lawyer will be leading the program for the next three years.

The Truth About The Capabilities Of Freedom Checks

Most people have already heard of Freedom Checks. Many believe this is a program from the government and have heard of payouts for $34.6 billion. They have listened to commercials urging them to get their share of the money. A Google search brings up a lot of results promising Freedom Checks are legitimate and profitable. A Banyan Hill post stated it was like a lottery win. The real details are available on a video featuring Matt Badiali in a 2018 Freedom Checks website.

Matt Badiali is even holding a check resembling one issued from the U.S. Treasury. These checks are not a scam but they do stretch the truth. The average person will not receive a five figure check. Matt Badiali coined the phrase Freedom Check. The basis of this is an investment strategy. A Master Limited Partnership is referred to as an MLP. When an individual places money into this investment they receive a paid return on a monthly or quarterly basis. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

An investment in a MLP is a purchase of a number of units in the company. The performance of the company defines the yield received by the investor. The majority of these companies are either energy or gas. These are limited partnerships that are publicly traded. This does include the benefits of being in partnership with a public company. This type of company does not pay the same taxes as a typical corporation. The idea is similar to making a trade in the stock market. The difference is ninety percent of the revenue of these companies must be generated in the United States from natural resources.

Freedom Checks were established because these companies prefer to give their profits to their investors instead of the government. Matt Badiali has said these MLP’s include 568 different companies. He has only recommended five of them because he says they control or own more than a billion dollars worth of raw materials. This includes minerals, oil, precious metals, gas and timber.

Most people want to know how much money they will make from an investment. Certain sources claim the dividend rates are very high for the investors and the best rates available. The range is typically from five to nine percent. A good example would be an investment of $10. This would provide a yearly dividend under $1. The only way to receive millions of dollars every year is to invest the big bucks. Check:


Who Is Alexandre Gama?

Just as Pablo Escobar was the face of the Medellin Cartel’s Colombian-based drug-pushing operations, Alexandre Gama is arguably the most famous advertiser in Brazil. This comparison features countless differences between the legitimate businessman and law-abiding Brazilian citizen of Alexandre Gama and his drug lord counterpart – the key similarity is that Escobar and Gama are highly regarded by their home countries for being the best in their respective businesses.

Alexandre Gama’s work history is something out of a hopeful advertising mogul’s dream resume

Mr. Alexandre Gama went to college to study mass communications, earning a bachelor’s degree that unarguably helped Gama skip ahead of his like-aged peers from his home city of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

He moved to New York City to work for the ultra-popular Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982, working as a joint copywriter and content creator for the world-famous business that has since changed its name to Ogilvy & Mather, and zoomed back to Brazil in 1990 after an eight-year stint from which he left on good terms.

Mr. Gama worked for two other businesses before becoming the CEO-cum-CCO-cum-Director-of-the-Global-Board of Young & Rubicam in 1996. Three years later, despite having a secure job with one of Brazil’s and planet Earth’s most popular advertorial producers and designers in Young & Rubicam – the firm has since altered its name to Y&R – he left to create Neogama in 1999.

Just one year after Neogama was created, it won a Golden Lion award from the world-renowned Cannes Festival. Over the years, both Alexandre Gama and Neogama collectively won more than 20 such awards, by far making the pair the most-awarded advertisers in the history of Brazil.

Alexandre also enjoys creating unique art and putting it on display in the name of fundraising, as well as helping amateur musicians strike it big.

Fake News In Elections Is The Focus Of Integrity Experts Like Bruno Fagali

Whenever the period of the election comes along, it is evident that some candidates use fake news to defame their competitor for easier entry into the ballot. During the United States presidential elections and campaigns of 2014, it is quite pathetic that there were 1,200 fake profiles of the 3 lead candidates which were being used to spread some fake news. Although TSE and some committed lawyers like Bruno Fagali have been on the forefront of enhancing corporate integrity in Brazil, still there are culprits in the ground.

In the bid of stopping the spread of fake news, TSE established its investigative team to identify the fake news and those who spread it. One of the steps they took is to have “Consultative Council on Internet and Elections (CCIE)” on the ground which basically is involved in 3 main tasks. First, they are to develop research on election rules and the influence of fake news to the outcomes, second, come up with some opinions on issues the president of TSE will provide them and finally provide solutions and proposals of improving the standards.

According to the President of TSE, Manerva Luiz Fux, there is a need for Electoral Justice for a clean and legitimate election. TSE will use a precautionary measure to prevent such occurrences and with CCIE on their side, they can do much. FBI is incorporated in the investigation where they have their representative in the CCIE who is the Director of Cyber Crimes Division Mr. Howard Marshall. The use of fake news is feared to be one of the threats still in the coming election both to influence the decision making of Brazilian in voting for the president and governors.

This is the reason why corporate integrity expert Bruno Fagali are working to bring justice and removing the scandals in various contracts through spearheading transparency campaigns. His passion for integrity led to him founding FAGALI Advocacy in 2014 and consequently works at Nova s/b, which is one of the leading advertising firms in Brazil, as the Corporate Integrity Manager.

Bruno Fagali studied at Pontifical Catholic University for his LLB and later Masters at the University of Sao Paulo. He is well experienced in Administrative law, Regulatory Law, Urban Law, and Compliance Law.

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Matt Badiali weighs in on freedom checks

The rapid growth of the internet has seen a substantial rise in spam offers that are geared towards taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Most of the offers promise quick cash for little or no work at all. This has really affected legitimate investments as no one wants to be swindled. Unfortunately this may stop many Americans from taking advantage of freedom checks when they next come calling.

Matt Badiali is the name and face behind the freedom checks that may soon be used for quarterly and monthly payments. The faculty member of the University of North Carolina and Duke University has made natural resources his field of expertise for more than 20 years now. He has made rounds across the world to Hong Kong, Iraq, Yukon, Papua New Guinea and the Mexican desert. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The geologist believes that freedom checks will be influential in helping America attain its goal of energy independence. The gas and oil companies are the main sources of this new investment due to the amazing increase in the production of the two commodities within the US. Imported oil has been on a steady decline as a result of this. Over the next couple of months investors are expected to receive close to $34.6 billion from the firms.

The freedom checks are treated as the other common stocks and Matt Badiali believes that their value will rise exponentially with time. The staggering figures which could rise by 40000% have raised eyebrows from a lot of quarters. Many believe that this is what characterizes scams. Could this be the case?

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are the firms responsible for issuing the freedom checks. They get and refine oil from gas fields in the US including the Marcellus Shale and the Bakken Shale among others. The companies have set up pipeline networks that distribute oil and gas across the country. They have to pay freedom checks, 90 % of their returns, to their investors before they can qualify to be an MLP.

Investors receive tax benefits from freedom checks as no income tax is levied on them. According to Matt Badiali the only taxes on cash sales are at the capital gains rate. Anyone interested in the shares from the MLPs can easily access them from the internet.

Doug P. from Albany, New York, Ralph S. from Colorado and Karl B. from Texas along with Matt Badiali are among the major investors who have cashed in from freedom checks. Wise investors should look to make the most of this new opportunity. Check:


Tony Petrello Was A Top Paid CEO Who Helped His Community Out In Their Time Of Need

During Hurricane Harvey, there were many people affected by the aftermath of the hurricane. One CEO who is compassionate for those who suffered from the hurricane is CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello.

Tony went forward to help those who suffered from the hurricane by supplying as much aide as he could to the families who worked for him that suffered from the hurricane. Tony Petrello went forward as an important figure within the United States.

Tony Petrello was an established and top paid CEO once in the United States. During the year 2014, Tony earned $68.2 million dollars while working at Nabors Industries. This business is a leading natural gas drilling firm as well as a leading oil firm. With this level of success, Tony has inspired as well as envied many however Tony understands that you have to be honest as well as humble when deserving everything that he has earned.

Tony Petrello went to Yale, where he was successful in schooling and faced a number of competitions against a number of scholars in the world. He then proved that he was a genius that most believed him to be. Anthony Petrello then went forward to become a mathematical scholar. With his work, Tony went forward to work alongside Serge Lang who worked within number theory. It was then that Petrello and Lang went forward in complex theorems as well as in proofs that a number of university students are unable to comprehend.

In recent history, Tony Petrello opened his home to Tommy Tune, broadway star. He went forth to hosting a party where 50 guests merged to honor Tommy. The Petrello family gathered with some of their closest friends of the Miller Outdoor Theatre team.

When Tony and Cynthia welcomed their daughter into the world, they welcomed her as a premature baby at only 24 weeks of gestation. She weight a mere 20 ounces at birth. It was because of her prematurity and periventricular leukomalacia that they decided to help a number of philanthropic organizations. It is the fact that they had to endure something that helped them decide to help others out who might be welcoming someone into their families which suffer from the same problems.

It was because Tony Petrello grew up with a family who struggled with money, he knew that he was destined to help others avoid the same problems. That is why he became so heavily involved with helping out his community.

Susan McGalla and Executive Sponsorship For Women

Women have arrived in a place in Corporate America today which was thought impossible fifty years ago, yet there are fewer opportunities available for the most talented Women at the top. Women want roles of leadership and have proven they can bear the responsibility like Susan McGalla. Though it is true that Women have more opportunity in the workforce, yet it is evident that focus and support groups for women seeking corporate positions are far from an actual job as a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. In short, few women have reached the leadership positions as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Susan McGalla. One possible solution that has been suggested recently is Executive Sponsorship for Women who are seeking Executive Leadership. While support groups can provide opportunities for women at the grapevine level, Women are seeking more than support. Women want an opportunity and Executive SPonsorship may be the missing link.

A corporate or executive sponsor within a company would work with potential candidates seeking leadership roles to provide them opportunities or act as inside recommenders toe upper leadership. It was the same path that Susan McGalla found herself in when she was moving up thru the ranks. McGalla said that growing up with two brothers and a Father who was a Coach gave her the opportunity to not seek the easy way but was treated like her brothers, which made her work for what she had. She carried this attitude forward in her corporate work ethic, but all she needed was an opportunity.This happened during her employment at American Outfitters. All the executives were men when she started but shortly before exiting the company she had become president of the entire company. Susan McGalla hopes more women will have these kinds of opportunities.

Whitney Wolfe Stirring the Professional Networking World with the Introduction of Bumble Bizz

Whitney Wolfe is a woman who has faced numerous challenges throughout her career to achieve the position that she is in today. As the founder of Bumble, one of the top five dating apps in the market at the age of 28, she is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world today and has also made it to the 30 under 30 lists of Forbes. Whitney Wolfe has even been the part of the team that co-founded Tinder, but she left the company after having issues with other co-founders. Whitney Wolfe, after going Tinder in 2014, decided to build a dating app that would be focused more on women, and it is how the idea of Bumble was formulated.

However, with time Bumble has evolved and it is all due to the creative brains of Whitney Wolfe. She has extended the social dating platform of Bumble to become a professional networking platform as well by recently launching Bumble Bizz. It is similar in concept to Linkedin but more casual in its approach. While Linkedin has been around for many years, Bumble Bizz is a new entry to the world of professional networking platform and aims to make professional networking more fluid and friendly. The concept of networking in Bumble Bizz would be same as the dating platform of Bumble where only female members are allowed to make contact first, but in all other aspects, it can be compared to Linkedin.

As per the industry experts, the introduction of Bumble Bizz can be a game changer as many people have liked how the Bumble Bizz is designed and works. The Bumble Bizz is more open to its members, and there is no air of formality in it. The people can connect to other people in the same industry as per their wish, and they can even find mentors with ease. As the member base of Bumble is increasing with the passing time, it is just a matter of time that Bumble Bizz stands at par with Linkedin as a large professional networking platform. The feminist part of Bumble that only the females are allowed to contact first is kept with Bumble Bizz as well, and it would help in empowering women professionals to connect with other severe professionals without being worried about bombarded with unsolicited messages, which is a standard part of any social networking platform these days, unfortunately.

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