Matt Badiali weighs in on freedom checks

The rapid growth of the internet has seen a substantial rise in spam offers that are geared towards taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Most of the offers promise quick cash for little or no work at all. This has really affected legitimate investments as no one wants to be swindled. Unfortunately this may stop many Americans from taking advantage of freedom checks when they next come calling.

Matt Badiali is the name and face behind the freedom checks that may soon be used for quarterly and monthly payments. The faculty member of the University of North Carolina and Duke University has made natural resources his field of expertise for more than 20 years now. He has made rounds across the world to Hong Kong, Iraq, Yukon, Papua New Guinea and the Mexican desert. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The geologist believes that freedom checks will be influential in helping America attain its goal of energy independence. The gas and oil companies are the main sources of this new investment due to the amazing increase in the production of the two commodities within the US. Imported oil has been on a steady decline as a result of this. Over the next couple of months investors are expected to receive close to $34.6 billion from the firms.

The freedom checks are treated as the other common stocks and Matt Badiali believes that their value will rise exponentially with time. The staggering figures which could rise by 40000% have raised eyebrows from a lot of quarters. Many believe that this is what characterizes scams. Could this be the case?

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are the firms responsible for issuing the freedom checks. They get and refine oil from gas fields in the US including the Marcellus Shale and the Bakken Shale among others. The companies have set up pipeline networks that distribute oil and gas across the country. They have to pay freedom checks, 90 % of their returns, to their investors before they can qualify to be an MLP.

Investors receive tax benefits from freedom checks as no income tax is levied on them. According to Matt Badiali the only taxes on cash sales are at the capital gains rate. Anyone interested in the shares from the MLPs can easily access them from the internet.

Doug P. from Albany, New York, Ralph S. from Colorado and Karl B. from Texas along with Matt Badiali are among the major investors who have cashed in from freedom checks. Wise investors should look to make the most of this new opportunity. Check:


Tony Petrello Was A Top Paid CEO Who Helped His Community Out In Their Time Of Need

During Hurricane Harvey, there were many people affected by the aftermath of the hurricane. One CEO who is compassionate for those who suffered from the hurricane is CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello.

Tony went forward to help those who suffered from the hurricane by supplying as much aide as he could to the families who worked for him that suffered from the hurricane. Tony Petrello went forward as an important figure within the United States.

Tony Petrello was an established and top paid CEO once in the United States. During the year 2014, Tony earned $68.2 million dollars while working at Nabors Industries. This business is a leading natural gas drilling firm as well as a leading oil firm. With this level of success, Tony has inspired as well as envied many however Tony understands that you have to be honest as well as humble when deserving everything that he has earned.

Tony Petrello went to Yale, where he was successful in schooling and faced a number of competitions against a number of scholars in the world. He then proved that he was a genius that most believed him to be. Anthony Petrello then went forward to become a mathematical scholar. With his work, Tony went forward to work alongside Serge Lang who worked within number theory. It was then that Petrello and Lang went forward in complex theorems as well as in proofs that a number of university students are unable to comprehend.

In recent history, Tony Petrello opened his home to Tommy Tune, broadway star. He went forth to hosting a party where 50 guests merged to honor Tommy. The Petrello family gathered with some of their closest friends of the Miller Outdoor Theatre team.

When Tony and Cynthia welcomed their daughter into the world, they welcomed her as a premature baby at only 24 weeks of gestation. She weight a mere 20 ounces at birth. It was because of her prematurity and periventricular leukomalacia that they decided to help a number of philanthropic organizations. It is the fact that they had to endure something that helped them decide to help others out who might be welcoming someone into their families which suffer from the same problems.

It was because Tony Petrello grew up with a family who struggled with money, he knew that he was destined to help others avoid the same problems. That is why he became so heavily involved with helping out his community.

Susan McGalla and Executive Sponsorship For Women

Women have arrived in a place in Corporate America today which was thought impossible fifty years ago, yet there are fewer opportunities available for the most talented Women at the top. Women want roles of leadership and have proven they can bear the responsibility like Susan McGalla. Though it is true that Women have more opportunity in the workforce, yet it is evident that focus and support groups for women seeking corporate positions are far from an actual job as a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. In short, few women have reached the leadership positions as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Susan McGalla. One possible solution that has been suggested recently is Executive Sponsorship for Women who are seeking Executive Leadership. While support groups can provide opportunities for women at the grapevine level, Women are seeking more than support. Women want an opportunity and Executive SPonsorship may be the missing link.

A corporate or executive sponsor within a company would work with potential candidates seeking leadership roles to provide them opportunities or act as inside recommenders toe upper leadership. It was the same path that Susan McGalla found herself in when she was moving up thru the ranks. McGalla said that growing up with two brothers and a Father who was a Coach gave her the opportunity to not seek the easy way but was treated like her brothers, which made her work for what she had. She carried this attitude forward in her corporate work ethic, but all she needed was an opportunity.This happened during her employment at American Outfitters. All the executives were men when she started but shortly before exiting the company she had become president of the entire company. Susan McGalla hopes more women will have these kinds of opportunities.

Whitney Wolfe Stirring the Professional Networking World with the Introduction of Bumble Bizz

Whitney Wolfe is a woman who has faced numerous challenges throughout her career to achieve the position that she is in today. As the founder of Bumble, one of the top five dating apps in the market at the age of 28, she is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world today and has also made it to the 30 under 30 lists of Forbes. Whitney Wolfe has even been the part of the team that co-founded Tinder, but she left the company after having issues with other co-founders. Whitney Wolfe, after going Tinder in 2014, decided to build a dating app that would be focused more on women, and it is how the idea of Bumble was formulated.

However, with time Bumble has evolved and it is all due to the creative brains of Whitney Wolfe. She has extended the social dating platform of Bumble to become a professional networking platform as well by recently launching Bumble Bizz. It is similar in concept to Linkedin but more casual in its approach. While Linkedin has been around for many years, Bumble Bizz is a new entry to the world of professional networking platform and aims to make professional networking more fluid and friendly. The concept of networking in Bumble Bizz would be same as the dating platform of Bumble where only female members are allowed to make contact first, but in all other aspects, it can be compared to Linkedin.

As per the industry experts, the introduction of Bumble Bizz can be a game changer as many people have liked how the Bumble Bizz is designed and works. The Bumble Bizz is more open to its members, and there is no air of formality in it. The people can connect to other people in the same industry as per their wish, and they can even find mentors with ease. As the member base of Bumble is increasing with the passing time, it is just a matter of time that Bumble Bizz stands at par with Linkedin as a large professional networking platform. The feminist part of Bumble that only the females are allowed to contact first is kept with Bumble Bizz as well, and it would help in empowering women professionals to connect with other severe professionals without being worried about bombarded with unsolicited messages, which is a standard part of any social networking platform these days, unfortunately.

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CEO of American Institute of Architects Sings Praises About The Organization

The AIA, American Institute of Architects has chosen to represent the organization with a fellow member, Robert Ivy. This organization is represents the licensed architects as well as the professionals that assist in design and construction within the industry since 1857. Robert Ivy is now the Executive Vice President as well as chief executive officer.

Robert Ivy has been a recognized figure within the architectural profession and has help the editor in chief for Architectural Record, this position has been held by Robert since the year 1996. While maintaining his position for the McGraw-Hill Construction team and serving as the VP and editorial director, it is his responsibility to efficiently handle the management tools of the organization.

Robert Ivy has been within the architectural background for many years and has worked as the managing partner for Dean & Dale & Ivy firm for many years before he moved over to the corporate positions that he now serves.

Robert Ivy is a Crane Award reciptent from 2009 which honors the business media’s highest award for the contributions that a business mogul has contributed to during their lifetime. The very following year, Robert was awarded and recognized as being a Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi. They are considered to be a fraternity that is communicating to the younger generation for communicating values of designs.

Mr. Ivy is going to hold the position of managing the national office in Washington, DC and has over $56 million through annual budgets as well as more than 200 employees to be in charge of. It will be his job to find the right organizations to focus on as well as design and practice on.

Mr. Robert Ivy is going to need to demonstrate that he knows how to enhance the voice of the AIA while organizing and focusing on issues that the institute has which effects the environment. They also work to enhance the voices of the AIA and work along more than 300 chapters across the nation and oversees.

In an interview in 2010, President George Miller spoke about how excited they were to have Mr. Ivy join them with his seasoned experience within the industry and for the leadership skills that he has in corporate backgrounds. The complete board had all agreed that bringing Robert Ivy in could help bring a higher level of expertise to the organization. The members of the AIA all spoke about the passion that Mr. Ivy holds for his career as well as to the leadership that he brings into the board as well.

In an interview with Robert Ivy, he was asked about his association with the AIA and what he felt about the organization. Robert spoke highly of the organization and how proud he has been to be a part of it.

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American Institute of Architects Goes Global

In 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded. This organization has since risen to become a premier institute that represents architects and other related professionals working in the design and construction industry. In February 2011, the AIA appointed Robert Ivy as their new CEO and EVP. He is still working as the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, a position he has held from the early 1990s. Robert has been able to make this company’s journals become one of the most circulated worldwide.

George Miller, the previous president of AIA, said that Robert was loyal to his architect passion and to the institute as well. George also mentioned that Robert’s way of management and steadiness will be a pillar in bringing to light the AIA. He reckoned that Robert’s had enough industry experience for corporate leadership to make the company better. In his opinion, Robert was appointed unanimously by the board due to his experience, leadership skills and passion shown over the years to the AIA.

In his speech, Miller also said that the board recognized the immense support Paul Welch had brought to the AIA as the acting vice president before the appointment of Robert Ivy. He mentioned Paul as an individual who was highly valued, diligent in managing the institute and had unwavering loyalty to AIA. According to George, Paul had won the hearts, respect and gratitude of many.

In 2011, Clark Manus was the president of AIA. His sentiments about the appointment of Robert followed that of his predecessor George Miller. In his words, Clark stated that the architectural industry was at a pivotal time hence requiring a leadership that could see the institute through the economic stress and rebounding problems in the industry. As such, he mentioned that Robert was a smart choice because he was not only experienced but well versed in the trends of the industry and its analytics. Clark is hopeful that Robert would be able to facilitate the lacking growth in AIA by using the resources at his disposal.

Robert has also served as the VP and editorial director for McGraw-Hill Construction. In his position, he has enabled the company to develop efficient management practices that boosted the editorial quality of content being published by the company. At Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy, Robert became a managing partner for 14 years. As for Ivy Architects, he has served as the principal architect.

The American Business Media awarded Robert Ivy the Crane Award in 2009 for his lifetime contribution to the construction industry. Later in 2010, he received another reward from Alpha Rho Chi as Master Architect. Robert Ivy now joins the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Pei I.M. This was in appreciation to the value of design and the editorial contribution he had made to his generation.

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Tony Perello’s Daughter Inspires Donation of Millions for Neurological Research

Anthony Vega published an article titled “Tony Petrello’s Inspired Path to Philanthropy” in September on the Weekly Opinion website. Vega recognizes that often miracles are caused by moments of difficulty, and that is exactly what happened when Tony Petrello’s daughter was born.

Tony Petrello’s baby was born premature, at only 24 weeks weighing only 1 ¼ pounds. Her birth signified a significant shift in Tony Petrello’s priorities. His daughter’s premature birth led to the development of PVL, or periventricular leukomalacia. The disorder prevents adequate oxygen and normal blood flow from getting to the brain. The disorder eventually led her to develop cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that prevents normal development and makes motor skills difficult to gain.

However, the main hardship for the Petrello family wasn’t the neurological disorder. The main problem for the family was the lack of research and treatment available for children with it. Despite Petrello’s privileged position as a member of the Board on the Texas Children’s Hospital, his research into the disease was disappointing. Most neurological studies were conducted on adult brains. Of course, this was distressing and hard for the parents who were seeking to do the best by their child.

Instead of being disheartened, it inspired Tony Petrello to shift the focus. Tony began to see the positive aspects of making a difference and on his ability to create an impact for his daughter and other children like her. He donated more than $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s hospital to support the research into the variety of neurological disorders, including ADHD, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. These illnesses require more investigation and research in Mr. Petrello’s opinion.

Anthony Petrello’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond the medical realm, however. They also extend into the world of academia. As a student at Yale, Tony Petrello became close to one of his mathematics professors. The recent death of the professor inspired Tony Petrello to donate a gift with a guarantee of matching contributions up to $150,000.00 for students.

Tony Petrello become one of the top paid CEOs in the country working with Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a leading international drilling company. He has two mathematics degrees, a B.S. and an M.S. from Yale University. He finished his education at Harvard where he obtained his J.D.

Tony Petrello moved to Texas in 1991 when he joined Nabors as the Chief Operating Officer. He quickly climbed the ranks becoming the Deputy Chairman and later the President and CEO of the Company.

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Jeff Yastine Predicts Good Things for RegTech

Additional rules for a company almost always means additional costs, and with companies within the banking and insurance industries spending record amounts on compliance, estimated within the billion each year, an emerging form of technology has begun making waves. Regulatory technology, or RegTech, is a cutting-edge form of technology that has been making use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, creating a newer and cheaper way for companies to ensure compliance throughout all of their business jurisdictions. Last year, global management consulting firm, Bain, and Co. identified about 80 emerging RegTechs that are sure to shake up the industry. As of now, these emerging RegTechs are just as they are being described, with the majority of them remaining private, as they are still in the startup phase of development, but with major corporations around the globe taking notice, and in essence inviting them a seat at the table, the potential for growth in the RegTech market seems to be without limits.

There is tremendous potential for growth in the RegTech sector, and this notion has been backed up by the fact that, as of late, regulators within the industry are taking notice of regulatory technology, and are even inviting them to join their ecosystem. Recently The Bank of England, the monetary authority for Singapore, as well as the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, have both discussed making regulatory technology companies a mandatory part of their companies, thus making the potential for growth virtually unlimited. The fact that these companies are being offered a seat at the table is a tremendously optimistic sign for the business, as well as for the investors choosing to take advantage in the early stages.

Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. He is currently the editor of Total Wealth Insider, as well as a regular contributor to Banyarn Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Mr. Yastine has over two decades of experience regarding investments and the stock market, and from 1994 to 2010, he worked as a new anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report. In the early 2000’s during his time as an anchor, he helped to predict the dot-com bubble as well as the failing real estate market. In 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for a business Emmy for his role in the reporting of America’s underfunded infrastructure, citing the deplorable conditions of many roads across the nation.

Mr. Alexandre Gama Is The Best

Without advertising, people around the world could only hear about things through word of mouth, or by actually experiencing a product, service, or another offering in person.

Alexandre Gama has always been interested in the field of advertising for exactly this. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the mass communications and advertising industries were subpar, at best.

Mr. Gama earned a formal education in advertising and communications to best prepare himself for the products, services, and brand he now serves today.

In 1982, after leaving FAAP, the Brazilian advertising legend went to Standard Ogilvy & Mather for eight consecutive years, where he served in various roles related to copywriting. After this period was over, he sought a promotion for his hard work.

Not being able to find such a promotion within the vehicle he was working for, Alexandre Gama decided to run to DM9, another agency that was located within the heart of The Big Apple – just like Ogilvy & Mather was, and still is.

At this employer, Mr. Gama was crowned the Creative Director, a highly prestigious title for any person that is in the field of advertising.

Alexandre Gama remains one of the best in advertising to this day.

Top Tips about the American Institute of Architecture

Robert Ivy was motivated to launch a comprehensive effort where a response was built by the expansion of awareness and understanding of architects.

The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects is in Washington D.C., and it is a professional organization for architects. The advocacy of the government, education, the redevelopment of the community and outreach of the public are all done by American Institute of Architect so as to support architecture hence improvement of their public image.

Robert Ivy heads American Institute of Architecture. The Chief Executive Officer is FAIA and Thomas V. Vonier. A group of 13 architects founded it in New York in 1857 so that its members could be promoted with scientific and practical perfection. Its name was changed from New York Society of Architects to American Institute of Architects when they drafted the constitution.

More than 90000 members have been licensed as architects. Architect members, Associate members, International members, Emeritus members and Allied members are all the levels of membership in American Institute of Architects.

Members are given membership if only they have been making their contributions to their profession that is national significance. The Board of Directors govern the American Institute of Architects, and it has over 200 staff who are full time.

Legislative and regulatory actions are monitored by it, and then it uses its membership’s collective power to help them participate in decision making by the state. Members are served with development opportunities that are professional, design information services and personal benefits.

It brings awareness to the public about the value of architecture and the importance of designing right structures. Its members help in the building and shaping the environment. Leaders from the community and mayors are also encouraged to build structures that are environmentally friendly.

Its store offer books on architecture and design. Its members receive a 10 percent on every purchase that they make. To improve the security of the urban, Thomas Vonier has been working with the municipalities to do so.

People are encouraged to understand better that their lives will be more satisfying if there is a better designed environment for them. There are programs that are based in the community, which the American Institute of Architects to work so that it can serve the public as it will help them design houses that are affordable to them.