CEO of American Institute of Architects Sings Praises About The Organization

The AIA, American Institute of Architects has chosen to represent the organization with a fellow member, Robert Ivy. This organization is represents the licensed architects as well as the professionals that assist in design and construction within the industry since 1857. Robert Ivy is now the Executive Vice President as well as chief executive officer.

Robert Ivy has been a recognized figure within the architectural profession and has help the editor in chief for Architectural Record, this position has been held by Robert since the year 1996. While maintaining his position for the McGraw-Hill Construction team and serving as the VP and editorial director, it is his responsibility to efficiently handle the management tools of the organization.

Robert Ivy has been within the architectural background for many years and has worked as the managing partner for Dean & Dale & Ivy firm for many years before he moved over to the corporate positions that he now serves.

Robert Ivy is a Crane Award reciptent from 2009 which honors the business media’s highest award for the contributions that a business mogul has contributed to during their lifetime. The very following year, Robert was awarded and recognized as being a Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi. They are considered to be a fraternity that is communicating to the younger generation for communicating values of designs.

Mr. Ivy is going to hold the position of managing the national office in Washington, DC and has over $56 million through annual budgets as well as more than 200 employees to be in charge of. It will be his job to find the right organizations to focus on as well as design and practice on.

Mr. Robert Ivy is going to need to demonstrate that he knows how to enhance the voice of the AIA while organizing and focusing on issues that the institute has which effects the environment. They also work to enhance the voices of the AIA and work along more than 300 chapters across the nation and oversees.

In an interview in 2010, President George Miller spoke about how excited they were to have Mr. Ivy join them with his seasoned experience within the industry and for the leadership skills that he has in corporate backgrounds. The complete board had all agreed that bringing Robert Ivy in could help bring a higher level of expertise to the organization. The members of the AIA all spoke about the passion that Mr. Ivy holds for his career as well as to the leadership that he brings into the board as well.

In an interview with Robert Ivy, he was asked about his association with the AIA and what he felt about the organization. Robert spoke highly of the organization and how proud he has been to be a part of it.

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American Institute of Architects Goes Global

In 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded. This organization has since risen to become a premier institute that represents architects and other related professionals working in the design and construction industry. In February 2011, the AIA appointed Robert Ivy as their new CEO and EVP. He is still working as the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, a position he has held from the early 1990s. Robert has been able to make this company’s journals become one of the most circulated worldwide.

George Miller, the previous president of AIA, said that Robert was loyal to his architect passion and to the institute as well. George also mentioned that Robert’s way of management and steadiness will be a pillar in bringing to light the AIA. He reckoned that Robert’s had enough industry experience for corporate leadership to make the company better. In his opinion, Robert was appointed unanimously by the board due to his experience, leadership skills and passion shown over the years to the AIA.

In his speech, Miller also said that the board recognized the immense support Paul Welch had brought to the AIA as the acting vice president before the appointment of Robert Ivy. He mentioned Paul as an individual who was highly valued, diligent in managing the institute and had unwavering loyalty to AIA. According to George, Paul had won the hearts, respect and gratitude of many.

In 2011, Clark Manus was the president of AIA. His sentiments about the appointment of Robert followed that of his predecessor George Miller. In his words, Clark stated that the architectural industry was at a pivotal time hence requiring a leadership that could see the institute through the economic stress and rebounding problems in the industry. As such, he mentioned that Robert was a smart choice because he was not only experienced but well versed in the trends of the industry and its analytics. Clark is hopeful that Robert would be able to facilitate the lacking growth in AIA by using the resources at his disposal.

Robert has also served as the VP and editorial director for McGraw-Hill Construction. In his position, he has enabled the company to develop efficient management practices that boosted the editorial quality of content being published by the company. At Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy, Robert became a managing partner for 14 years. As for Ivy Architects, he has served as the principal architect.

The American Business Media awarded Robert Ivy the Crane Award in 2009 for his lifetime contribution to the construction industry. Later in 2010, he received another reward from Alpha Rho Chi as Master Architect. Robert Ivy now joins the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Pei I.M. This was in appreciation to the value of design and the editorial contribution he had made to his generation.

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Tony Perello’s Daughter Inspires Donation of Millions for Neurological Research

Anthony Vega published an article titled “Tony Petrello’s Inspired Path to Philanthropy” in September on the Weekly Opinion website. Vega recognizes that often miracles are caused by moments of difficulty, and that is exactly what happened when Tony Petrello’s daughter was born.

Tony Petrello’s baby was born premature, at only 24 weeks weighing only 1 ¼ pounds. Her birth signified a significant shift in Tony Petrello’s priorities. His daughter’s premature birth led to the development of PVL, or periventricular leukomalacia. The disorder prevents adequate oxygen and normal blood flow from getting to the brain. The disorder eventually led her to develop cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that prevents normal development and makes motor skills difficult to gain.

However, the main hardship for the Petrello family wasn’t the neurological disorder. The main problem for the family was the lack of research and treatment available for children with it. Despite Petrello’s privileged position as a member of the Board on the Texas Children’s Hospital, his research into the disease was disappointing. Most neurological studies were conducted on adult brains. Of course, this was distressing and hard for the parents who were seeking to do the best by their child.

Instead of being disheartened, it inspired Tony Petrello to shift the focus. Tony began to see the positive aspects of making a difference and on his ability to create an impact for his daughter and other children like her. He donated more than $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s hospital to support the research into the variety of neurological disorders, including ADHD, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. These illnesses require more investigation and research in Mr. Petrello’s opinion.

Anthony Petrello’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond the medical realm, however. They also extend into the world of academia. As a student at Yale, Tony Petrello became close to one of his mathematics professors. The recent death of the professor inspired Tony Petrello to donate a gift with a guarantee of matching contributions up to $150,000.00 for students.

Tony Petrello become one of the top paid CEOs in the country working with Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a leading international drilling company. He has two mathematics degrees, a B.S. and an M.S. from Yale University. He finished his education at Harvard where he obtained his J.D.

Tony Petrello moved to Texas in 1991 when he joined Nabors as the Chief Operating Officer. He quickly climbed the ranks becoming the Deputy Chairman and later the President and CEO of the Company.

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Jeff Yastine Predicts Good Things for RegTech

Additional rules for a company almost always means additional costs, and with companies within the banking and insurance industries spending record amounts on compliance, estimated within the billion each year, an emerging form of technology has begun making waves. Regulatory technology, or RegTech, is a cutting-edge form of technology that has been making use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, creating a newer and cheaper way for companies to ensure compliance throughout all of their business jurisdictions. Last year, global management consulting firm, Bain, and Co. identified about 80 emerging RegTechs that are sure to shake up the industry. As of now, these emerging RegTechs are just as they are being described, with the majority of them remaining private, as they are still in the startup phase of development, but with major corporations around the globe taking notice, and in essence inviting them a seat at the table, the potential for growth in the RegTech market seems to be without limits.

There is tremendous potential for growth in the RegTech sector, and this notion has been backed up by the fact that, as of late, regulators within the industry are taking notice of regulatory technology, and are even inviting them to join their ecosystem. Recently The Bank of England, the monetary authority for Singapore, as well as the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, have both discussed making regulatory technology companies a mandatory part of their companies, thus making the potential for growth virtually unlimited. The fact that these companies are being offered a seat at the table is a tremendously optimistic sign for the business, as well as for the investors choosing to take advantage in the early stages.

Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. He is currently the editor of Total Wealth Insider, as well as a regular contributor to Banyarn Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Mr. Yastine has over two decades of experience regarding investments and the stock market, and from 1994 to 2010, he worked as a new anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report. In the early 2000’s during his time as an anchor, he helped to predict the dot-com bubble as well as the failing real estate market. In 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for a business Emmy for his role in the reporting of America’s underfunded infrastructure, citing the deplorable conditions of many roads across the nation.

Mr. Alexandre Gama Is The Best

Without advertising, people around the world could only hear about things through word of mouth, or by actually experiencing a product, service, or another offering in person.

Alexandre Gama has always been interested in the field of advertising for exactly this. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the mass communications and advertising industries were subpar, at best.

Mr. Gama earned a formal education in advertising and communications to best prepare himself for the products, services, and brand he now serves today.

In 1982, after leaving FAAP, the Brazilian advertising legend went to Standard Ogilvy & Mather for eight consecutive years, where he served in various roles related to copywriting. After this period was over, he sought a promotion for his hard work.

Not being able to find such a promotion within the vehicle he was working for, Alexandre Gama decided to run to DM9, another agency that was located within the heart of The Big Apple – just like Ogilvy & Mather was, and still is.

At this employer, Mr. Gama was crowned the Creative Director, a highly prestigious title for any person that is in the field of advertising.

Alexandre Gama remains one of the best in advertising to this day.

Top Tips about the American Institute of Architecture

Robert Ivy was motivated to launch a comprehensive effort where a response was built by the expansion of awareness and understanding of architects.

The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects is in Washington D.C., and it is a professional organization for architects. The advocacy of the government, education, the redevelopment of the community and outreach of the public are all done by American Institute of Architect so as to support architecture hence improvement of their public image.

Robert Ivy heads American Institute of Architecture. The Chief Executive Officer is FAIA and Thomas V. Vonier. A group of 13 architects founded it in New York in 1857 so that its members could be promoted with scientific and practical perfection. Its name was changed from New York Society of Architects to American Institute of Architects when they drafted the constitution.

More than 90000 members have been licensed as architects. Architect members, Associate members, International members, Emeritus members and Allied members are all the levels of membership in American Institute of Architects.

Members are given membership if only they have been making their contributions to their profession that is national significance. The Board of Directors govern the American Institute of Architects, and it has over 200 staff who are full time.

Legislative and regulatory actions are monitored by it, and then it uses its membership’s collective power to help them participate in decision making by the state. Members are served with development opportunities that are professional, design information services and personal benefits.

It brings awareness to the public about the value of architecture and the importance of designing right structures. Its members help in the building and shaping the environment. Leaders from the community and mayors are also encouraged to build structures that are environmentally friendly.

Its store offer books on architecture and design. Its members receive a 10 percent on every purchase that they make. To improve the security of the urban, Thomas Vonier has been working with the municipalities to do so.

People are encouraged to understand better that their lives will be more satisfying if there is a better designed environment for them. There are programs that are based in the community, which the American Institute of Architects to work so that it can serve the public as it will help them design houses that are affordable to them.


The Journey of The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, abbreviated as AIA, is located in the United States and it has its headquarters in Washington D.C. It is an organization that is made up of a team of professional architects. The main aim of this organization is to give support and improve the public image of the architecture community. They do these by doing outreach to the public, giving education, providing government advocacy and redeveloping the community at large. Besides from that, AIA works hand in hand with other organizations in design and construction to uplift the building industry.

Robert Ivy is the head of AIA who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The AIA was established in 1857, in New York City. AIA came about from 13 architects whose main aim was to uplift the standards of architecture as a profession and to perfect the skills of its members. The 13 original architects decided to come together in February of 1857.

They held a meeting and decided to incorporate 16 other well-known architects and together these architects formed the American Institute of Architects. Before AIA was formed, anyone could say that they are an architect since there were neither architectural schools nor architectural licensing laws.

In the same year when AIA was formed, they came up with a constitution and laws which would be used to govern the society of architects. Initially, AIA was known as New York Society of Architects. That was before one of the architects suggested that the name changed to AIA. In April 1857, they filed for a certificate of incorporation and later they signed their new constitution.

After one year the team of architects decided to amend the already existing constitution with the aim of empowering its members artistically, practically and scientifically. Amending the constitution also aimed at serving other purposes but the main goal was to promote and uplift architecture as a profession.

AIA expanded its operations to other cities. That was because other architects were requesting to join the organization. By the year 2008, AIA had over 300 chapters with its headquarters in Washington D.C, and in New York. To select an architect who would head the designing of AIA building, they decided to hold a competition in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately, the architect who won the competition did not get the endorsement from USA Commission of Fine Arts. At the moment AIA has over 90,000 registered licensed architects and related professionals.

Dr. Shafik Husein Sachedina and His Role in Changing the Lives of the Elderly in West Sussex

Dr. Shafik Husein Sachedina is a 67 years old dental surgeon who currently serves as one of the two chairmen at Sussex Healthcare. Prior to his role at the care and support home, Dr. Shafik worked as a director in a handful of other companies, including Imara U.k. Limited, The Horsham Clinic Limited, and The Horsham Clinic Limited. In all these companies, he has cultivated a good name and maintained a good reputation for as far as management and professionalism is concerned.

As the head of Sussex Healthcare, it is the responsibility of Dr. Shafik to ensure that the organization’s goal of becoming Sussex’s to residential and nursing care center is realized. He heads a dedicated team of professionals with different specialties. These specialists attend to the elderly enrolled at the facility including those with neurological disabilities, Alzheimers Disease, and dementia. Dr. Shafik is known to commit to excellence and utmost levels of quality. As an entrepreneur, he has his eyes set on helping the facility establish operations in other locations outside Sussex.

Early Life

Shafik was born in Dare Salaam, a Tanzanian coastal city but later relocated to Europe in search of quality higher education. He qualified as a dental surgeon aged 25 after picking up his degree from the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He has been practicing in the country since then. Over the years, he has grown to become an authority in UK’s dental field as well as a renowned entrepreneur within the healthcare industry.

University of Chichester Diplomas

In January of 2015, the University of Chichester conferred various professional diplomas to employees of Sussex Healthcare. This was in realization of the facility’s commitment to providing the best social care services to the residents of West Sussex. Those awarded the diplomas took part-time lessons on social care and were assessed on their roles to affirm their suitability. According to Dr. Shafik Sachedina, the new qualifications for his staff members will impact positively to the clients they serve.

Dr. Shafik Hussein Volunteer Roles

Besides his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Shafik Hussein Sachedina offers his services on a voluntary basis at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions. He serves as the HOD in the latter, which is, in essence, a department of the former. On top of that role, he is a key member of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, Aiglemont, and the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. Through these roles, he has helped the organizations grow and address various aspects of the societies in which they operate in.

Shiraz Boghani Of Sussex Health Care Is A Pace Setter In Business

Sussex Health Care was established to care for the old. The organization handles a series of health care homes that have been caring for aged people who suffer from mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimers. The institution offers care for aged people who suffer from weak joints and disability as well. With a strong support system, Sussex Health Care has established unbelievably, strong systems that offer prolonged care for the old. There are also learning activities that aim at assisting the ones with neurological disorders. For the sake of earning good reputation on behalf of the management and the care takers, Sussex Health Care has invested in modern systems that allow the affected to live comfortably.


For those who have severe brain injury, Sussex is always there to assist. The organization commits to offering excellent care and support to all members. It boils down to the needs of every individual. Sussex is a business. True as that may sound, the management aims at offering unmatched residential care in the nursing home. Coupled with determination in providing quality support, Sussex continues to lead in this jurisdiction.

Profile of Operation

Behind the praises that Sussex Health Care has been receiving is a leader. Shiraz Boghani serves as the chairman of the nursing homes. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience. His works border services from Sojourn Hotels LLP to Splendid Hotels Group. Boghani is naturally a leader. This can be traced from his skills in management and leadership. He has earned stellar reputation from leading teams into successful ventures. Boghani believes that customer service is key in succeeding in business.

Values and Implementation

Boghani focuses on offering strategies that will grow the firms he mans. Boghani has unmatched entrepreneurial networks especially in Europe. As an alumnus of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accounts, he learned the ropes of managing companies. Boghani has been in charge of about 21 companies. This is perhaps his calling. Given his execution in the companies, he cuts across as a committed leader who harbors many managerial skills. He has been awarded for his input in the organizations he mans.


For young individuals who need a role model in executive leadership, Boghani is one man to watch. He has grown into a respected figure from humble beginnings. He holds deep values as a leader. That is why he has succeeded in various capacities. Boghani symbolizes success.

Success of Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a journalist and editor of Total Wealth Insider. He started his work in 2015, at Banyan Hill publishing as the editorial editor. Jeff Yastine has had good experience in the field of finance.

Banyan Hill Publishing

It is a company, which helps American citizens utilize their financial skills appropriately. Composed of experts who seek out various investment opportunities. Asset protection is also their other concern, which helps them in reserving wealth in the future.

Banyan helps hardworking Americans to prosper in what they are doing. Making viable financial decisions and how they make profits with minimal or no risk. Relieving their burden of economic stress.

Banyans grow, just like pillars supporting a high structure. Helping them withstand the challenges in the business sector. Through ideas on retaining growth and survive from their competitors.

Jeff Yastine as Financial Expert

Jeff Yastine has opinions on business ideas, instance the bitcoin opinion. He says that they are worth investing in them. Bitcoins help in solving significant problems, point in case are the security issues.

At Banyan Hill, Jeff Yastine is a weekly contributor to their daily sovereign investor. He helps investors prosper by understanding the business highlights. Which include; economic trends, monetary trends and highlighting on the profit-making opportunities.

Total wealth insider

This is a magazine about financial world, written by Jeff Yastine. Americans receive the insider every month for updates of the economic status of the country receiving solutions of profit making. Guidelines are about the gold mining stocks, currency plays, and the real estate investments.

Total wealth insider is helpful in coming up with strategies that help the potential investors achieve prosperous investments. Jeff Yastine created the complete wealth insider, to help Americans gain the new approach to wealth building.

Courageous Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine has a great passion in coming up with opportunities that most people ignore. He has contributed the idea to total wealth insider. He is a brilliant financial journalist who uncovers big stories to help the citizens.

Every day he exposes new ideas, for example, matters to do with the security of the cybersecurity companies and green energy stocks. He is of value in helping out the average investor who has no information regarding the ideas. Enhancing prosperity in the investors lives, this because he has a lot of experience in the finance sector.

In conclusion, Jeff Yastine is a lucky man because he learns most crucial secrets from the most successful entrepreneurs’ point in case Richard Branson.