How Talk Fusion Is Helping People’s Lives

Bob Reina recently sat down to talk about his company, Talk Fusion. The company is dedicated to helping further communication. This service works over almost any medium one can imagine. From video conferencing all the way to social networking. The main point is that it helps to open people up to new ideas and ways to share them with the world. As the company name suggests, it’s all about fusing different methods of communication together in order to create a greater whole. If this sounds like a laudable goal, it shouldn’t be surprising. One merely needs to talk to Bob Reina to see how the company’s mission coincides with his giving spirit. After all, as he himself says, “With great success comes greater responsibility”.

It’s clear that Bob is taking that to heart as well. He’s current given over one million dollars in donations to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Within the sphere of animal welfare, he’s also helped out individually with countless animals. But that spirit of giving is hardly limited to animals. Bob has made a habit of helping those who lack the means to help themselves in all spheres of life. This even includes supporting Indonesian orphanages.

But this shouldn’t be thought of as simply one person moving alone. He hopes that he might be leading by example. And he’s also continually striving to help other people join in with charitable help. That’s why he’s also announced that he’s started up a new plan which will let Talk Fusion customers join in. Anyone with an account can also chip in and donate another account to a charity of their choice. This is hardly a bare bones feature either. The donated account is the highest quality they have available. This custom monthly plan includes all the video marketing products as well. This ranges from video based email to video newsletters and even video chat.

The intent behind the action is quite simple. It’s partially a way of helping people help each other. But it’s also a way of helping charities bolster their methods of communication in order to get their overall message out into the world. Additionally, it helps customers pay help forward in order to make the world a better place for everyone.

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