Purina PetCare A Name You Can Trust

They have a saying in Missouri about having to see it to believe it and Purina has adopted this idea with their pet care line. They know and understand that pets are an important part of the family. Purina is owned by the Nestle company and based in St. Louis Missouri. They make and market everything a pet could need. Purina has a line of pet food, pet treats and pet litter too. Some of the most popular lines are Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE and Friskies. As early as 2002 the company was the second largest pet food company in the world.

Purina had a commercial featured on its news site that went viral on places like Youtube and Facebook with an advertisement that promoted their line of Beggin’strips. These tasty strips are treats for dogs and our four legged friends love them in both the commercial and real life. One of the videos featured this cute dog named Boss. Boss is a Corgi and everyone just loved the commercial and Boss himself. This pup was all over Twitter and other social media platforms for months. This company even used this successful commercial during the Grammy Awards. Once again it was well received, not that this was a shock to the company or the Grammy Award viewers who already trusted the Purina name. After the TV spot, the already viral commercial got 950,000 Facebook and 250,000 YouTube views.

Purina is no stranger to bringing people and pets together. As a company Purina helped people and pets to celebrate ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day” This is a program that helps to show that people and pets are much better when they work together. The thought is that people love their pets and pets love their people, it is a win-win situation. This was also a study to learn a number of things about the habits of both pets and humans. Everyone learned things like the pets and owners took a walk at lunch or on a break to get exercise. The work environment was calming because of having a companion and so much more. This also ended in setting a world record for bringing the most pets to work.

Purina PetCare has been worked long and hard to become a name that every pet owner has come to know, like and trust. Regardless of if you currently own a pet or if you are thinking about getting a pet, Purina is an amazing company that can be trusted to keep your pet healthy.

Your Birth Month May Decide What Diseases You Get: Study

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 55 diseases strongly correlate with birth month, with those born in different months more likely to encounter certain diseases. The paper inferred that this association may be related to how babies develop at different times of the year, with variables like sunshine hours, allergens, and other seasonal factors playing a strong role.

Overall, doctors have said people born in the spring had a higher risk of cardiovascular conditions, according to the paper, with those born in March and April at most acutely exposed to conditions like moderate chest pains and an irregular heart beat. Those born in the fall, especially in September, October, and November, were found to be at a much lower risk of cardiovascular conditions.

However, people born in October had a higher risk of respiratory infections, so it’s not all clear sailing for those born in the fall.