Isabel dos Santos on the Importance of Digitalization in the African Economy

Isabel dos Santos believes that Africa needs to be digitalized just like most of the developed world. She told the delegates Africa Summit in 2019 that Africa’s next revolution will be digital. The summit was focussed on the relationship between Africa and the European Union. She believes that after the mobile revolution, the next big thing for Africa will be the digital revolution.

When speaking at the Africa Summit, she oversaw the inauguration of a panel dedicated to emergent technologies in Africa. Isabel dos Santos predicts that there will be an increase in online transactions in Africa than through the Brick and Motor Stores. For the first time, most Africans will prefer banking their money on online platforms rather than traditional banks.

Importance of Urban Planning

Africa faces many problems, such as the case of insecurity in public transport when logistics are conducted online. Isabel dos Santos thinks that when such issues are solved, people will be confident to take their businesses to the next level. Moreover, payment of the transport fees online could reduce instances of theft that is bound to occur in the chaotic transportation system. Digitalization is imperative in urban planning and improving the quality of life for the African people. Africa needs to build cities that are safe to live in with better management of resources, use of soils, and lower costs of conducting businesses. Isabel dos Santos notes that Africa needs to develop fundamental areas of stability and continuity of the legal framework that attracts investors to the continent, which leads to job creation.

Isabel dos Santos Addresses the Issues of Gender Equality

One major area Isabel dos Santos focuses on gender equality where women need to be empowered financially. She says that while growing up she never saw the issues that face the African woman. For instance, in her country Angola, most women are most likely to have access to poor education compared to their male counterparts. In the work scene, most women are likely to be discriminated with limited access to paid work. Isabel dos Santos aims at giving back to society through incentives that promote the social welfare of the community. In her company, for instance, she has installed specific division for social responsibility that sponsors programs that are aimed at improving the well-being of all workers.

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Learning from Malini Saba that anything is possible

It’s rare to find a successful woman who is still committed to her family. Once women become successful, they delegate family chores and responsibilities to other people such as Nannies and other family members. However, this is not the case for Malini Saba. Despite being a very successful woman concerning investments, she remains committed to her family. This can be shown by the love she has for her daughter as she drops her to school every day. Life hasn’t always been simple for Malini Saba. She was born to middle-class Sri-Lankan parents living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, she grew up in Australia before relocating to the United States of America when she was just 19 years. At this moment, she had just $200 with her.

Times have passed, and she is now a successful woman. She has investments in many industries such as oil and gas industry, real estates in India and Australia and even technology companies in Silicon Valley such as PayPal, the Sycamore Networks, and NetScreen Technologies. Saba is also the chairman of Saban, a company that owns large tracts of palm oil and rice fields in Southern Pacific. She also uses the returns from this investments to elevate other people, especially women. She is responsible for founding the Stree: Global Investments in Women. This is a charity organization that mainly focusses on helping women from low-income economies. Other acts of kindness she has demonstrated includes the $15 million donation to Sri-Lanka and India during the Tsunami. While trying to establish himself, she faced stiff opposition from men who thought that a woman should not succeed. She never gave up but continued to fight until she made it in life. Malini Saba most favorite place for investing her money is the commodity market. She says that the risks involved in the commodity market is high and so is the return.

Saba was married to Stanford University student when she moved to the U.S. She utilized this opportunity by attending lectures at the University where she had a keen interest in investments and banking. At one given time, she had the opportunity to attend a bankers gathering, and she managed to talk to a few people in this gathering. She listened carefully and later utilized this advice and invested the little money she had. She invested in the field of telecommunications and even in the real estate. The girl who came to the land of opportunities without money was now a successful investor.For more information about Malini Saba,read here.

How One Chief Compliance Officer is Making The Workplace Women-Friendly

The corporate world can be a very tough place for women to succeed. The environment tends to be very male dominated. However, some women have made their way to the top of the corporate world. Helane Morrison is one of those women, and her success is inspiring to women everywhere. Not only has she succeeded in the corporate world, but she has helped to create a female friendly work environment at her place of employment, Hall Capital.

Hall Capital is among San Francisco’s most successful companies. They help people and corporations to invest money wisely, and they do a very good job at it. Due to their skill and experience with investing, the company has become extremely successful. However, there is something else that has made them become successful. As a company that has been run by women at the top, the company truly embraces all kinds of diversity. This allows them to bring in candidates of different backgrounds. Rather than hiring candidates from merely one group of people, they select the best from all groups. Therefore, they are drawing their potential employees from a significantly larger pool of people. Read more about the good work the leadership at Hall Capital are striving to accomplish:  

Morrison not only has been successful in finance, but she also has had a distinguished legal career. She even headed the SEC for a time before she began working at Hall Capital.  However, she has made a startling observation about the world of employment for women. At places other than Hall Capital, women often feel alienated. Helane knows a number of women working at other financial institutions, and they even have their own meetings at some of them. They actually feel so alienated from the mainly male workforce that the women have meetings of their own. However, at Hall Capital not only does the company include women in the workforce, but everyone works together. 

Women are motivated to come to Hall Capital, because the workplace is very female friendly. Not only are they open to hiring women, but many women feel encouraged to apply to a firm that is run by women at the top. Therefore, there are a lot of women that work for Hall Capital and have become successful there. Morrison has helped to make this happen. She works as a managing director, and she is the company’s general counsel. According to her Crunchbase, she also is the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Her efforts to make Hall Capital a friendly work environment for women have been very successful indeed. 

To learn more about the Helane’s role as Chief Compliance Officer, read about the field of corporate compliance as a whole.

Mangers Are Creating Roadblocks For Women And They Don’t Realize It

There are many women in Corporate America that have beat the odds and have senior positions with large corporations. But many of them say there are road blocks that won’t allow them to move up the corporate ladder. Those roadblocks are the managers that work with them and the managers that are above them. Even though recent surveys say women are caught in a trap, 87 percent of the men that are senior managers say women have as many opportunities as they have. Only 57 percent of women in the workplace agree with that assessment. 

Senior managers don’t intentionally create roadblocks for women, according to Helane Morrison. Morrison is the dynamic leader of the San Francisco Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison is for gender equality, and Hall Capital Partners is a good example of how effective gender equality can be. Morrison likes to say that diversity is one of the prime ingredients in a successful company, and Morrison says her company is successful because it is so diversified. But diversity is still a talked about non-entity in many of the large corporations across America, according to Morrison. 

Helane Morrison knows what she is talking about, as evidenced by her prolific LinkedIn resume. She is an attorney and investment manager as well as a top-notch negotiator and speaker. She is also a former regional director for the Security and Exchange Commission. Before she accepted the job at Hall Capital Partners, she was a working partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the San Francisco law firm. Morrison is a major proponent of a women’s surge to the top of Corporate America. Follow the latest news about Helane on her Crunchbase and to see her work in detail, check out the Google Book below of a closed case she litigated.

The women’s surge means women must be considered by male managers when position are open at the vice-president level. The surge also means women must be paid the same as men, and at least 30 percent of the attendees at management meetings must be women, and 30 percent of the onstage speakers at those meetings should be women. 

According to a recent article, Morrison said that male managers are in unexplored territory when it comes to recognizing women for their abilities rather than their looks. There are no classes in women’s leadership in business schools, so most managers have no idea how to deal with talented women like Morrison. 

There is still too much lip service and not enough action in corporations, but Morrison wants to turn that lip service into positive action for women across the country. 

Laparoscopic Surgery an Effective Option for Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis, affecting more than 5 million American women, is a condition in which tissue from the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, causing discomfort and painful periods as well as making it more difficult to get pregnant. While medications, placement of an intrauterine device (IUD), or hormonal treatments are often prescribed for endometriosis, in some cases surgery may be necessary (typically when symptoms are severe or when fertility is affected).

If you are interested in becoming pregnant, you may benefit from conservative surgery for endometriosis. With this technique, a surgeon removes the uterine tissue from outside the uterus and any related scar tissue while preserving as much of the uterus and ovaries as possible. It is increasingly common for this procedure to be done laparoscopically. This means the surgeon makes a tiny incision through which a miniscule camera and instruments are inserted.

If fertility issues persist after this surgery, your doctor may recommend in vitro fertilization. For this procedure, your egg and your partner’s sperm are combined outside the body to form an embryo which is then implanted directly into the uterus.

For women who are not interested in becoming pregnant or who have already had children, and who are suffering very severe symptoms, the doctor may recommend a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) along with removal of the ovaries.

While doctors aren’t sure exactly what causes endometriosis, it likely results from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The disease is most common among women in their 30s and 40s who have never given birth and have a relative who has also had the disease.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as pelvic pain, painful periods, pain during intercourse, heavy periods, fatigue, and infertility, talk with your doctor. He or she can diagnose the problem and recommend treatment options that are right for you. Because the source of pelvic pain can be difficult to diagnose, it’s important to let him or her know about all the symptoms you’re experiencing.

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