IAP Worldwide and Hurricane Matthew Intervention

When Hurricane Matthew struck in October, IAP Worldwide Services was up and about making intervention measures at the site. Emergency power was provided by the teams sent to the East Coast to deal with this emergency. Having responded swiftly to other such tragedies as hurricanes Katrina, Sandy and Katia, IAP demonstrated its competence and leadership in counter disaster measures. Some of the services that were offered during Hurricane Matthew include: expert personnel, emergency power, commodities and communication systems. In 2011, during a spell of serious hurricanes, many of IAP power personnel were sent to places such as Massachusetts, Maryland and New York.

During Hurricane Matthew, IAP Worldwide Services was in constant communication with U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to discuss and implement counter measures on the ground. IAP having been awarded a contract in 2013, was responsible for providing emergency power engineering services along supporting public works.

IAP Worldwide

IAP has its headquarters in Florida U.S. Its operations are spread over about 120 locations. Its services are offered to government agencies, commercial industries, organizations and even multinationals. The integration of IAP Worldwide Services’ abilities enables it to offer safe, reliable and innovative solutions to its clients all over the world.

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In 2005, IAP acquired JCWS together with its subsidiary: Readiness Management Support (RMS). These new acquisitions helped IAP to remodel itself as a worldwide service provider. The areas of specialization became: technical services, support for base operations and logistics.

In order to grow itself further and to reach a broader market, IAP acquired a British company, G3. This is an engineering firm that offers services such as deployable systems, fixed infrastructure and other support services. G3 designs, operates, delivers and maintains equipment globally.

In 1990, IAP Worldwide Services provided generator supplies to American troops in Saudi Arabia. What started as a specific contract later grew so that IAP provided support to American troops in the Desert Storm operation. Today, thanks to previous well executed contracts, IAP still wins contracts to deliver mobile generators, disaster relief, transportation and international procurement.

With the completed restructuring efforts coupled with recapitalization all under another leadership and ownership, IAP looks to sore even higher. Now the company operates in over 20 countries supporting as many as 175,000 human resource. The company’s military installations go beyond America to the Middle East and other areas. The disaster management is something to write home about. Quick emergency power, other important services and supplies are delivered by IAP to cushion suffering.

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