CEO of American Institute of Architects Sings Praises About The Organization

The AIA, American Institute of Architects has chosen to represent the organization with a fellow member, Robert Ivy. This organization is represents the licensed architects as well as the professionals that assist in design and construction within the industry since 1857. Robert Ivy is now the Executive Vice President as well as chief executive officer.

Robert Ivy has been a recognized figure within the architectural profession and has help the editor in chief for Architectural Record, this position has been held by Robert since the year 1996. While maintaining his position for the McGraw-Hill Construction team and serving as the VP and editorial director, it is his responsibility to efficiently handle the management tools of the organization.

Robert Ivy has been within the architectural background for many years and has worked as the managing partner for Dean & Dale & Ivy firm for many years before he moved over to the corporate positions that he now serves.

Robert Ivy is a Crane Award reciptent from 2009 which honors the business media’s highest award for the contributions that a business mogul has contributed to during their lifetime. The very following year, Robert was awarded and recognized as being a Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi. They are considered to be a fraternity that is communicating to the younger generation for communicating values of designs.

Mr. Ivy is going to hold the position of managing the national office in Washington, DC and has over $56 million through annual budgets as well as more than 200 employees to be in charge of. It will be his job to find the right organizations to focus on as well as design and practice on.

Mr. Robert Ivy is going to need to demonstrate that he knows how to enhance the voice of the AIA while organizing and focusing on issues that the institute has which effects the environment. They also work to enhance the voices of the AIA and work along more than 300 chapters across the nation and oversees.

In an interview in 2010, President George Miller spoke about how excited they were to have Mr. Ivy join them with his seasoned experience within the industry and for the leadership skills that he has in corporate backgrounds. The complete board had all agreed that bringing Robert Ivy in could help bring a higher level of expertise to the organization. The members of the AIA all spoke about the passion that Mr. Ivy holds for his career as well as to the leadership that he brings into the board as well.

In an interview with Robert Ivy, he was asked about his association with the AIA and what he felt about the organization. Robert spoke highly of the organization and how proud he has been to be a part of it.

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