Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s Life And His Contribution To Care And Support Homes

While other people offer money to the less privileged or those that need help due to sicknesses or disability, others provide intellectual support. Dr. Shafik Hussein Sachedina is one of these people who use his knowledge to manage and bring good strategies that help those people who live in support homes. The doctor offers his input in many boards for free and is very dedicated to working with the communities back in the UK.

Dr. Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar-salaam Tanzania. By 1975, he had finished his medical degree in London. He is a dental Surgeon by profession. Shafik has worked with several organizations and companies since he completed his education. Dr. Sachedina has worked as a director in many firms in U.K. some of these companies include Sussex Health Care limited, The Horsham Clinic Limited and Imara U.K Limited.

In his role as the director of Sussex Health Care limited, Shafik ensures that all people under their care get the best services regarding quality and human dignity. To do this, Sachedina has guaranteed that every caregiver at Sussex is well-trained in handling people with different needs. He has invested in education ensuring that all the staff gets a chance to further their education. Even those who did not have any degree, Sussex ensures that they get diplomas and later enroll for bachelor’s degrees.

Sussex is home to the seniors in this region, the disabled people, those with psychological disorders or brain damages and people living with Dementia. All the people are accorded the acceptable level of respect, and all the professions uphold their dignity while taking care of them. Sussex ensures that all people are not only given a hoe to stay but they are also helped to live a better life. The staff at Sussex under the leadership of DR. Sachedina dedicate their time and effort to understanding the problems faced by each group of people after which they help the people cope, adjust or deal with their struggles appropriately.

Dr. Shafik is the director of Department of Jamati Institutions in France. He also works with the Agha Khan Development Network program of the Ismail people based in Asia. In both capacities, he serves as a volunteer. He has served as a member of the Institute’s Board of Governors. Previously, Sachedina worked as a two time President of the Ismaili Council for the U.K.

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