EOS Review: Lip Balms That Are Vegan, Organic, Clear and Fun!

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is the name of a brand that focuses on beauty products that are natural and affordable. It gives consumers access to many lip balms and moisturizers. People who want to steer clear of lips that are dry, chapped and just plain unattractive frequently gravitate to EOS’ many diverse choices in lip balms, refer also to dm.de. The company even has lip balms that are completely vegan. People who want to stay away from beauty products that are devoid of animal byproducts, because of that, are now going bananas for EOS’ exciting new offerings.

These lip balms are exciting for a handful of reasons. The vegan aspect is simply the cherry on top. They’re organic, first and foremost. They’re also totally transparent. If you want to pamper your lips with a soothing and hydrating formula that’s also nice and clear, EOS’ thrilling new crystal flavors may just be right up your alley.

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EOS has lip balms that cater to people who are vegan. It makes lip balms that cater to more general audiences as well. The brand’s lip balms are ideal for people who want to say goodbye to lips that look and feel awful, see more here. These intensely hydrating formulas can help people do away with persistent and unpleasant chapped lips. They can help people do away with stubborn rough patches, too. If you covet lips that are perfectly smooth, plump and youthful, then EOS’ organic lip balms may be the right solution. These lip balms appear in a broad range of fun and interesting flavors. People can choose between distinctive flavors such as strawberry sorbet, wild berry, sorbet, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honeydew, passionfruit and pomegranate raspberry. EOS isn’t just a strong choice for fruit lovers, either. People who love vanilla bean and sweet mint flavors also may appreciate it. The brand is always creating new flavors.

All lip balm flavors are available here on https://www.amazon.de/EOS-Sweet-Mint-Organic-Balm/dp/B01FAL5Z26.

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