Highland Capital Management Makes Changes To Its American Portfolio

Highland Capital Management is the creation of Jame Dondero, and his hedge fund has become one of the most powerful in the United States. Jim does not invest all his money in America, but he makes wise decisions about investment around the world. A quarter of his holdings are invested in America, and this article explains how his holdings in America are changing shape. A wise investor is willing to change his plan, and Jim is changing the way he approaches his American holdings.

#1: American Holdings Are Shifting To Technology

Technology holdings for HCM are increasing with the acquisition of many shares of Amazon. Amazon is a large conglomerate that actually impacts retail and technology numbers in many portfolios. Investing in technology is a priority for Jim, and he uses many of his own investment techniques on these stocks. Technology will continue to be a strong industry in America, and Jim wants to remain a part of the industry. Watch Jim and the Highland Team ringing the NYSE Closing Bell below.

#2: Health Stocks Are Rising

Health stocks are rising as large companies continue to expand their treatment choices to customers. There are customers around the country who are turning to massive health networks, and pharmaceutical companies are seeing an increase in profits at the same time. Eagle Pharma became a new acquisition for HCM, and that stock alone provides a much better return on investment for the money. Jim is committed to using the right stocks in his American portfolio, and health care companies appear to be the right choice.

#3: Releasing Older Stocks

HCM has chosen to release old stocks that are no longer profitable to the company after many years of holding some of these stocks. Stocks that are no longer profitable cannot stay in a company’s portfolio, and Jim is willing to let go of anything that he knows is not working. The critical analysis done by HCM helps their company save money when they make changes to their portfolio, and Jim advises his staff to be wise when changing plans.

The HCM team has made changes to their portfolio with the help of new technology and health care stocks. There are many changes coming to the financial world, and Jim believes that his company must keep up with those changes. Only a quarter of the HCM assets are held in America, but that number reaches about four billion dollars that must be managed with great care. Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all things stock market.

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