Isabel dos Santos on the Importance of Digitalization in the African Economy

Isabel dos Santos believes that Africa needs to be digitalized just like most of the developed world. She told the delegates Africa Summit in 2019 that Africa’s next revolution will be digital. The summit was focussed on the relationship between Africa and the European Union. She believes that after the mobile revolution, the next big thing for Africa will be the digital revolution.

When speaking at the Africa Summit, she oversaw the inauguration of a panel dedicated to emergent technologies in Africa. Isabel dos Santos predicts that there will be an increase in online transactions in Africa than through the Brick and Motor Stores. For the first time, most Africans will prefer banking their money on online platforms rather than traditional banks.

Importance of Urban Planning

Africa faces many problems, such as the case of insecurity in public transport when logistics are conducted online. Isabel dos Santos thinks that when such issues are solved, people will be confident to take their businesses to the next level. Moreover, payment of the transport fees online could reduce instances of theft that is bound to occur in the chaotic transportation system. Digitalization is imperative in urban planning and improving the quality of life for the African people. Africa needs to build cities that are safe to live in with better management of resources, use of soils, and lower costs of conducting businesses. Isabel dos Santos notes that Africa needs to develop fundamental areas of stability and continuity of the legal framework that attracts investors to the continent, which leads to job creation.

Isabel dos Santos Addresses the Issues of Gender Equality

One major area Isabel dos Santos focuses on gender equality where women need to be empowered financially. She says that while growing up she never saw the issues that face the African woman. For instance, in her country Angola, most women are most likely to have access to poor education compared to their male counterparts. In the work scene, most women are likely to be discriminated with limited access to paid work. Isabel dos Santos aims at giving back to society through incentives that promote the social welfare of the community. In her company, for instance, she has installed specific division for social responsibility that sponsors programs that are aimed at improving the well-being of all workers.

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