Karl Heideck: Men, Women and Wages

According to the Foundation For Economic Education, https://fee.org/, women make about 80% of what men make doing the same job. This has always been an issue and many people are trying to fight this disparity. Many times women even do more work than men and still receive 20% less pay.

In an article on https://gazetteday.com, attorney Karl Heideck explains a new law that was presented in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that is trying to close the gender wage gap. He explains that the law prohibits employers from asking prospective employees their past wages with previous employers. This will prevent the wage gap from carrying over to a new job.

Attorney Karl Heideck earned his BA from Swarthmore College in 2003, and a JD from Templeton University Beasley School of Law in 2009. He has been working as a practicing attorney in Philadelphia as he has been board certified for seven years. His area of specialties includes family, business, litigation, real estate, criminal, and insurance.

Karl Heideck goes on to explain that this law may become a problem for companies that are not based in Philadelphia. The law specifies that any companies who do business in Philadelphia must adhere to it even if they are not based there.

Some company executives believe this is a good thing. They believe that a change in the attitude of gender and earnings should happen. However, there are those who are the naysayers. They don’t necessarily believe that women should get paid less than men, but they believe that the law is infringing on their rights. Some believe they should be allowed to ask about past earnings.

To learn more about this law and how it could affect you in the future please visit the site mentioned above. To learn more about Karl Heideck you can visit https://karlheideck.wordpress.com/about/.

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