Luke Lazarus on Leaving Your Comfort Zone

One suggestion Luke Lazarus frequently gives to young, aspiring business-owners is to make sure that when you develop a brand, you create a story to go along with it. People will be much more receptive to ideas that sound good on paper, and a success story is bound to draw attention.

Of course, once you grab the attention of the public, your job is not even close to done. After this, Luke Lazarus would claim that the best course of action is to demonstrate to them that you have something to offer them. If they can be convinced that you are worthy of their attention, they will listen to whatever you have to say. Beyond that, it is all about how good of an idea you can come up with.

Luke Lazarus tries to think about what it is the public struggles with and how he might be able to fix that, but he acknowledges that there are a variety of methods of dealing with the pressure associated with business, and any solution he could give someone would only be his personal view on the matter.

This is why Luke Lazarus does not run around flaunting his word as though it were law; he knows that there is no such thing as a true constant in the chaotic world we live in, and the closest we can get to consistency is in our lack of it. Because of this, it is foolish to center your happiness on only a single potential outcome, as there are a multitude of others always available to you. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

The thing that people often do not understand, however, is that an outcome is not always yours to take. There are many factors of life that you simply cannot control which will contribute to the extent of success you are able to reach. Because of this, Luke Lazarus urges people to play it safe with their money, for their is no guarantee that they will be able to have a constant supply of it. Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

After all, life is full of variables; that is part of its charm. Without factors we are unsure of, we would simply be walking through a plane of familiarity, and nothing presented before us would pose a challenge. This is the reality that many people genuinely want to live in, but someone like Luke Lazarus is repulsed by this idea of perennial comfort.

Comfort is an idea that he wants to deconstruct to its most bare components. At the end of the day, comfort is simply the result of a lack of action, and living life without action is just about as useful as not living life at all. Because of this, Luke Lazarus chooses to act rather than sit in a state of wellness.

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