Matt Badiali weighs in on freedom checks

The rapid growth of the internet has seen a substantial rise in spam offers that are geared towards taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Most of the offers promise quick cash for little or no work at all. This has really affected legitimate investments as no one wants to be swindled. Unfortunately this may stop many Americans from taking advantage of freedom checks when they next come calling.

Matt Badiali is the name and face behind the freedom checks that may soon be used for quarterly and monthly payments. The faculty member of the University of North Carolina and Duke University has made natural resources his field of expertise for more than 20 years now. He has made rounds across the world to Hong Kong, Iraq, Yukon, Papua New Guinea and the Mexican desert. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The geologist believes that freedom checks will be influential in helping America attain its goal of energy independence. The gas and oil companies are the main sources of this new investment due to the amazing increase in the production of the two commodities within the US. Imported oil has been on a steady decline as a result of this. Over the next couple of months investors are expected to receive close to $34.6 billion from the firms.

The freedom checks are treated as the other common stocks and Matt Badiali believes that their value will rise exponentially with time. The staggering figures which could rise by 40000% have raised eyebrows from a lot of quarters. Many believe that this is what characterizes scams. Could this be the case?

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are the firms responsible for issuing the freedom checks. They get and refine oil from gas fields in the US including the Marcellus Shale and the Bakken Shale among others. The companies have set up pipeline networks that distribute oil and gas across the country. They have to pay freedom checks, 90 % of their returns, to their investors before they can qualify to be an MLP.

Investors receive tax benefits from freedom checks as no income tax is levied on them. According to Matt Badiali the only taxes on cash sales are at the capital gains rate. Anyone interested in the shares from the MLPs can easily access them from the internet.

Doug P. from Albany, New York, Ralph S. from Colorado and Karl B. from Texas along with Matt Badiali are among the major investors who have cashed in from freedom checks. Wise investors should look to make the most of this new opportunity. Check:


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