Nashville Real Estate Is Appreciating At An Incredible Pace

When Nashville is mentioned in a conversation, most people visualize a small country town that is filled with plaid shirts, blue jeans and old pickup trucks. But that was the old image of Nashville. The Nashville that people talk about today is a progressive city that is filled with opportunity and great music. Nashville is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country and for good reason. The city offers entertainment for everyone. Nashville is an educational hub, a recording mecca where great musicians filled the bars and restaurants with the sound of the South, and the city is one of the major homes of the printing industry.
According to a recent article in the Tennessean, property values in Nashville are going up by the minute. A single family home that was worth $183.000 a year ago is now worth $218,000. The city is filled with construction workers and all their equipment. Downtown Nashville was a empty, dirty place 30 years ago, but it’s the vibrant hub of the city now, according to Scott Lumley, the owner of Resolve Financials. Lumley is one of the developers that is transforming the city into a mecca for Millennials as well as for hip baby boomers that want to feel the thrill of big city with a small-town attitude.
Lumley is doing his part to turn the small towns around the city into up-to-date suburbs of this up-and-coming city. Mr. Lumley has completed many projects around the city, but he is always working on another one. His current project is in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. Lumley is turning one of those old 1970s strip centers into office and retail space. Scott Lumley likes to keep the integrity of these old centers intact. He does an excellent job blending the old with the new.

Nashville will always be a small town in the minds of some folks, but according to Lumley those folks are in the minority. Residents of the city love the progressive attitude that exists around town, and they also love the new architecture that Lumley and other developers are incorporating when they remodel the old buildings.

There’s no doubt that property taxes will increase as property values increase, but the cost of living in and around Nashville is lower than most cities that have the same population. There’s a lot of growth in the city, but the friendly nature of Nashvillians lives on regardless of the city’s size. To learn more about Scott Lumley, follow him on Twitter.

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