Newswatch t.v. The Hype is Justified

Video games and electronics are huge in this day and age. That’s why the international company SteelSeries works to create products of this type for consumers. They recently had two new products that they wanted to get out, some headphones and a new video game controller. Just because a particular type of product is selling good in the market doesn’t mean it does not need proper promotion or marketing. SteelSeries knew this and started devising ways to get the new products out to the public. They finally decided to settle on Newswatch tv. This was a great decision they would soon come to find out.

Newswatch tv is a weekly episodic tv that delivers news, tech reviews, and many other things. The show as created in March 1990 ad has been around ever since. The show has over 1000 episodes at this point and there is a reason it is a trusted source for news and promotion for companies and the public. It has received many awards including the Silver Telly award and the Marcom award for great tv broadcasting and content. The 30-minute show has such high stock that even celebrities have been on it. People like Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Carl Lewis have been on the show and its slowly becoming a popular and yet still authentic pop culture phenomenon. A lot of well known and great brands have been promoted on the show like Toyota, Sony, NASCAR, LEGOS, Panasonic and even more. All the hype for the show is justified as SteelSeries learned.

They hired Newswatch to do two reviews of their products and broadcast them on the show. SteelSeries wanted to advertise the two products and have something that they could use continuously to promote. Newswatch made the video and the rest is history. The segments were seen in over 90 million homes and the products sold phenomenally. Newswatch is great believe the hype!


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